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Argentina bit hard, then the coach of the national team took action

TOKYO / OSLO (VG) (Norway – Argentina 27-23) Norway received a difficult match from Argentina, who refused to give up. However, the strong final minutes ensured that the ticket to the quarterfinals was apparently secured.

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National team coach Christian Berge had to seriously converse with the players in his last time-out ten minutes before the end, as there were still only two goals between the two teams.

He asked the players to listen carefully and gave clear attacking instructions against an Argentine team that was beginning to tire. It seemed to help, and Norway finally got the win at 27-23.

– It started great, we also shot a bit. It will be a bit too much and for many unknown moments at the same time we find a good team. They stick up defensively, they start to believe in things and they get more offensive, Berge tells VG.

Sander Sagosen was the top scorer of the match with seven goals. He thinks there should have been more. The missed opportunities is something that needs to be improved, he says.

– It was a good game from the beginning. We came out well and played well, but then we let them come into the game a little more easily. There are definitely things we need to fix. We’re burning for a lot of 100 percent chance, Sagosen tells VG.

It allowed the Argentines to get back into the game in the first half.

– This has been a bad Norwegian period. It’s boring that we let Argentina into the game. He may be a tired “Pitbull” to have his leg dangling, Eurosport handball expert Ole Gustav Gjekstad said after the Norwegian team went from leading 9-3 to 9-9 six minutes before the match. break.

When Sander Sagosen finally put the ball into the net at 10-9, it was Norway’s first goal in nine minutes and three seconds.

Christian O’Sullivan is more critical of the performance than the director of the national team, and especially of the goalless period.

– We drop a small percentage of level, both on offense and defense. That’s not good enough. Argentina is not a team against which we should have a 0-6 period. We have to be there for 60 minutes. We haven’t made it yet, O’Sullivan tells VG.

Christian Berge was far from satisfied with everything he saw against Argentina.

Norway went into halftime at 13-12 after Magnus Jøndal shoved the ball into the net in the final second of the round.

– We are making a good start and trying to field some players. So it will be softer than we expected, Jøndal tells VG about the weak period.

– It is never a good feeling to have 0-6 in the bag. We just had to try to turn it around, continues Harald Reinkind.

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This was in stark contrast to what happened earlier in the round.

Magnus Abelvik Rød started the ball, before good defensive work and awkward play by the Argentine minority ensured that Norway took four before even ten minutes had elapsed.

It was also a high temperature initially, where, among others, the manager of the national team, Christian Berge, received a warning for protests.

At the beginning of the second half, he flourished with two minutes, and a Norway that wasted their chances. Despite the Norwegian players starting the round better than they finished the first, they never managed to get rid of Argentina.

Petter Øverby lived dangerously and got two two minutes. He thinks the Norwegian players had to respond with physics.

– They put up some barriers that are completely on the verge of regulations, but then you have to go with the physics, Øverby tells VG.

Midway through the round it was 22-19, before he finally started clapping again. With five minutes left, Norway led by five. It ended 27-23.

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