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Biles is hailed for prioritizing his mental health

TOKYO (VG) superstar Simone Biles (24) withdrew from the team final and said afterward that she had to think about her mental health. Now she is praised for her decision.

OLYMPIC PROFILE: The American tournament Simone Biles.

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First Naomi Osaka, then Simone Biles. The mental health of sports stars has focused on the Olympics.

– Life is more than a twist, says Biles and says that he has been inspired by the tennis player Osaka.

Michelle Obama, the wife of former US President Barack Obama, lawyer and author, supports Biles on Twitter.

– Am I good enough? Yes I am. This is the mantra that I practice on a daily basis. Simone Biles, we are proud of you and we support you, writes Obama.

The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, is also among those now honoring Biles, as is her clothing sponsor and other practitioners.

– Thank you Simone Biles for being a role model and showing the world that it is okay to prioritize your mental health, UNICEF writes in Twitter.

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The boss of Biles’ clothing sponsor Athleta is also behind her.

– Being the best also means that you have to know how to take care of yourself. We are inspired by her leadership today and we support her, says Kyle Andrew according to the Reuters news agency.

Competitor Danusa Francis says BBC:

– Simone Biles just made it possible for everyone to prioritize their mental well-being above everything else.

– What Queen. She is GOAT (the greatest of all time) in more ways than one, Francis says according to the BBC.

– There is no damage. It is only my pride that has suffered a little damage, says Biles himself.

– It doesn’t seem like I’ve had much fun. I want to be in these games for my own good. I walked in and felt like I was doing it for others. My heart aches when the feeling of doing something I love to make others happy goes away, says the gymnast.

RETREAT: Simone Biles in action by jumping in team gymnastics on Tuesday. Then he withdrew from the competition.

Biles says Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka, who retired during the French Open in May and addressed her mental health, has inspired her to speak out about her own issues.

Earlier this week, Osaka surprisingly broke out against Czech Marketa Vondrousova at the Olympics. Later, he admitted that he had felt a lot of pressure.

– You end up in a situation with a lot of stress and where everything gets out of control. I have to focus on my mental health and not risk anything, says Biles according to CNN.

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Without Biles, the United States, which received a reservation, could not defend the Olympic title. It was the Russian tournaments that won, while the United States took the silver.

Now it will be interesting to see if Biles competes in Thursday’s multi-game and then in the apparatus final from Sunday to Tuesday.

Simone Biles is one of the most important profiles of the Olympic Games. He took four golds during the summer games in Rio five years ago.

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