Monday, January 17

Step four is not implemented now due to the delta variant. New evaluation in mid-August.

FHI arrived on Monday with good news. But step four is not implemented now due to the delta variant.

The Minister of Health, Bent Høie, told there what the government has decided.

– We know that greater mobility means a higher risk of spread in the unvaccinated part of the population, those who have only received one dose and those with a weak immune system, said Bent Høie.

Høie referred to the situation in the Netherlands, Great Britain and Spain.

There, the infection increases, even though they are more vaccinated than Norway.

After the good news from FHI on Monday, several thought that the government would go to step four of the reopening plan.

So it didn’t happen.

Høie said the government will do a new assessment in mid-August.

On July 5, the government decided to wait with the fourth and so far last step in the reopening plan.

The arguments were that the most contagious delta variant of the virus was on the rise in Norway. At the same time, they considered that the proportion of vaccinated was too low.

This is step four

If the government chooses to move to the next step in the plan, it will consist of relaxing recommendations and restrictions in several areas.

We emphasize that it has not yet been confirmed that the government will go to step four.

If they do, this will happen according to plan:

  • The requirement to serve at restaurant tables will cease.
  • Campuses should plan for physical education on campuses in the fall semester.
  • In private homes, the recommendation not to have more than 20 guests will disappear.
  • Public events both indoors and outdoors may have more participants than today. According to the plan, it will be possible to have 750 without fixed assigned seats inside, but 2,500 with fixed assigned seats.
  • Abroad, the limits will be 1,500 without permanent assigned seats, but 5,000 with permanent assigned seats. With tests and crown passes, you will be able to use 75 percent of the capacity up to 10,000 places outdoors.
  • Employers will now consider whether a home office is necessary.
  • For domestic travel, only general measures will apply.
  • In grassroots sports and cultural activities, a distance of 1 meter is not recommended for training or practice.
  • Here is the whole the gradual reopening plan.
Bent Høie and Bjørn Guldvog will appear at Wednesday’s press conference.

NIPH: Low risk in the coming months

FHI arrived on Monday with a new one Risks evaluation. There they specifically looked at the delta variant of the virus. It is now dominant in Norway.

They expect an increase in the next two months. However, they write that “the epidemic during this period is unlikely to be as large as previous waves.” They also believe that the capacity of the hospitals will not be threatened.

FHI believes that such an increase will have little consequences. They point out that a part is already vaccinated.

FHI “considers the overall risk from the covid-19 epidemic in Norway in August-September to be small,” the report states.

However, the appearance of the delta variant makes the situation more uncertain.

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