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– No one traveling to Sweden should be judged.

ENOSHIMA (Aftenposten): Hermann Tomasgaard (27) does not think he would have been on the podium at the Olympics if he had not broken the rules of children’s sport.

The feeling of hanging an Olympic medal around the neck cannot be described. Hermann Tomasgaard came to experience it.

– No, I don’t think so, says the bronze winner, where he stands loudly to drown out other sounds and make sure the sound recorders in front of him capture the joy.

For the sailor was on top after taking the first Norwegian Olympic sailing medal since 2004. At the time, he didn’t care about Siren Sundby and his gold on the European boat in Athens. Later he became a role model.

After the race for the medals, where he crossed the finish line with uncertainty and did not dare to cheer until he was completely sure of the result, the laser mariner was very open:

  • The early start in Sweden.
  • The respiratory problems that led him to worry.
  • And living in the boys’ room.
Joy, happiness, mastery. Hermann Tomasgaard has realized that he has won an Olympic medal. He won the bronze and did not lose the silver, he said later.

He was sent to Sweden

Since the family lives in Drøbak, the road to Sweden was short. The father loaded the boat into the car. Together they crossed the border for their son to compete. They were also in Poland and the Netherlands. It is not really allowed, according to Norwegian children’s sports regulations. There are 12 years that apply, because kids shouldn’t see 1, 2, or 3 in front of their name too early. Or maybe 49. It has been taken into account that the kids should not pressure them at that age. The idea is that as many people as possible join.

Hermann Tomasgaard was between 10 and 11 years old and he thought it was great to measure forces with foreigners. Thus began the adventure that brought him to Tokyo and finally with a medal around his neck.

Here is Herman Tomasgaard, 11, at the Polish Championships in 2005. 16 years later he was able to hang an Olympic medal around his neck.

Bronze doesn’t think it would have gotten this far if it hadn’t started so early to feel some pressure. Although the family did not pressure him. The father preferred to fish, but followed his son to regattas from a very young age. Until sailors take the driving test at the age of 18, they depend on being driven.

– You do not agree with the special Norwegian sports regulations for children?

– I think everything should be allowed. No one traveling to Sweden should be judged.

He still agrees that there may be too much pressure, and as an adult, he didn’t like it. So he had to talk to his coach.

I had to find the right level

The collaboration with the six-year-old coach Anton Garrotte has been a joy for both of them. But they finally had to make a call. Mental health assistants from the Olympic Summit also participated.

The student noticed that the coach had expectations of him, and more and more the times he achieved it. So it became important to make him understand the importance of the Spaniard staying calm.

– It should be the same for him if I become number 50 or five, thinks Tomasgaard.

Yes it’s correct. Hermann Tomasgaard with the medal.

I have a bump in the road

The best athletes rarely avoid injuries and illnesses during their careers, but this spring Tomasgaard and the coach were concerned. The sailor struggled to breathe properly. It was just a short time before the Olympic Games, and from a training session in Lanzarote he returned home to be examined by the medical apparatus of the Olympic apparatus.

It turned out he had eilo.

– This means that it is blocked to the top of the breathing tube and it is not a medicine that helps.

Tomasgaard simply had to find some techniques to master it and straighten his back a bit.

– In navigation we get hung up a lot, so we breathe fully, he explains.

Would it affect the Olympic commitment?

The coach arrived with the advice of calm. Little by little, the best athlete recovered. Now he has no problems.

Garrotte explains in English, having been teased because he doesn’t know a single word in Norwegian after so many years.

– It’s magical working with Hermann.

Hermann Tomasgaard ended up in the water. This was provided by training partner Buhl.

Show the way forward

For Seil-Norge, this medal means a lot. Olympic champion Siren Sundby sat at her home in Oslo with her husband and two young children and watched the drama at sea. What he saw was crude. There were no sour faces for a Norwegian to win an Olympic medal 17 years after celebrating with a flower crown in her hair.

– It was about time. It was good that Hermann took some responsibility, he says.

She felt that she was under a lot of pressure.

– I think his head was boiling a little. But he seemed to be very focused before the start and his head was in the right place.

His thoughts returned to the golden days of Athens.

– I felt good and tingly. It’s a great feeling.

OL ga mersmak

Tomasgaard hopes the medal can mean more sponsors and even more financial help to keep investing. After all, he lives in the children’s room at his parents’ house in Drøbak. The 27-year-old must recover soon.

But it is nice to have a place that is cheap, and not least: a place to have the boats. In the driveway, the lasers are lined up.

– How many there are?

– Five. My little brother also surfs.

The family continued the race for medals in Tokyo, where double points were awarded in the final. The Norwegian had second place as a starting point, but then he thought he had won bronze. He did not lose the money. The gold had already been taken by Australian Matthew Wearn before the start.

The partner, the German Philip Buhl who is in the same training group, threw himself at the neck. They both ended up in the water.

– We wish each other success, said Tomasgaard.

I had no doubt that the Paris Olympics will be the next stop.

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