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– I have nothing to say

TOKYO (VG) Ingebrigtsen’s children decide everything themselves during the Olympics, according to their father Gjert (55). From night to Tuesday, he is ready for trial, something that has often ended dramatically for the Sandnes family.

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Anyone who has seen “Team Ingebrigtsen” knows who has been a “sports director” in the family (Mom Tone is, of course, CEO). But Jakob is 20 and Filip is 28. Have they taken over? We asked the question when they met with the Norwegian media in Tokyo.

– It is the tallest who decides, responds Filip – and it is he himself who rises above the ground in Japan, followed by Jakob and Gjert.

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The Ingebrigtsen brothers perform tests in the 1500 meters on Tuesday, August 3 at 02.05 Norwegian time (on Norwegian TV), then the semifinal on August 5 at 1:00 p.m. and final August 7 at 1:40 p.m.

– As a coach, you are a coach in the preparations. But when it comes to championships, there is no question that they are their own master. I have nothing to say, says Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

– Since I only support staff. I wash the mats, I wash the treadmills, I wash … They are clearly their own boss here.

– So summarized?

– Before the championship I have many things that I should have said, during the championship I have nothing that I should have said, says Gjert and elaborates:

– There is a transition to the championships. I go back more and more and give them more freedom of action. The athletes themselves are the owners of the championships.

According to Father Ingebrigtsen, the Ingebrigtsen team does not plan the races carefully either.

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– We didn’t plan anything! Each race lives its own life. Nothing is being discussed. No scenarios. I don’t look at the starter lists once. It’s not important, says Papa Gjert.

Timothy Cheruiyot is the great rival. So far, Jakob Ingebrigtsen has failed to beat the Kenyan.

When asked how many can win gold, the parent first answers how many can win a medal:

– At least seven or eight are candidates for medals.

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– But gold?

– There are not so many people who can take gold. Four pieces. I don’t want to say who I’m thinking of.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen is aware that what he fears most is walking on the ground, especially in the experiment.

– For my part, it is a greater risk. What I fear the most. Someone pushing me or someone falling right in front of me.

– This applies especially to the experiment. People can do nervous things and panic.

Early Tuesday morning Japanese time, Jakob and Filip Ingebrigtsen will start their 1,500-meter attempt. And there has been drama for Papa Gjert in previous championships with the brothers:

  • Jakob Ingebrigtsen made it to the finish line for the first time, was ruled out, but appealed, and finally managed to hold the European Championship gold in the 1500m indoors in March 2021. More than two hours passed after passing the finish line. goal before the gold was ready.
  • The World Cup in Doha in 2019 opened in the most dramatic way when Jakob Ingebrigtsen was ruled out for the first time in the 5000-meter attempt, because he ran inside the track. However, the Norwegian appeal led and was allowed to run the final.
  • Filip Ingebrigtsen was ruled out during the Rio Olympics in 2016 after breaking through in the 1,500-meter attempt. He managed to secure a place in the semi-finals, but his British competitor protested and the Norwegian was ruled out. Gjert and Norway appealed, but it was rejected.
  • During the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow in 2019, Filip Ingebrigtsen was ruled out after winning his heat event in the 1500 meters. The reason was that it made the list. The appeal was unsuccessful.
  • During the 2017 European Under-20 Championships, Jakob Ingebrigtsen was the big favorite in the 1500 meters. In an attempt to find his way to the field, he ended up face down. When he stood up, the hope for the medal was shattered. – He’s doing everything wrong. When he does something like that, they cut off your legs, Papa Gjert said later.
  • In the 1500-meter semi-finals at Berlin-EM in 2018, Filip Ingebrigtsen fell 600 meters before the finish line. He stood up and made it to the final, but had to go straight to the doctor to get a big cut.

The Olympics are broadcast on Discovery +.

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