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The Belarusian sprinter arrived at the Polish embassy in Tokyo

TOKYO (VG) Sprinter Kristina Timanovskaya (24) spent the night in a Tokyo airport hotel. Today it is said that he arrived at the Polish embassy in the city of millions.

LOST HER EXERCISE: Sprinter Kristina Timanovskaya in dialogue with police at the airport on Sunday. He has lost the 200 meters he was supposed to run last night.

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He reports to both the Reuters news agency and British Sky, which has published a picture of what Timanovskaya is supposed to be.

Against her will, an attempt was made to have her sent home to Belarus on Sunday after receiving public criticism about her home country’s Olympic priorities. Tsimanouskaya now fears for her safety.

The recent development in the case comes after several countries opened up to help the 24-year-old who was going to run 200 meters at the Olympics tonight.

The French EU minister has also said it would be an honor if a European country granted political asylum to Tsimanouskaya.

The case was also the subject of the IOC’s daily press conference here in Tokyo on Monday.

CHAOS: Here is Kristina Timanovskaya at the airport, against her will, in Tokyo on Sunday.

A clear majority of the questions from the world press were about Kristina Timanovskaya. The IOC later stated that she had spent the night in an airport hotel with protection from those who wanted to send her home:

– Timanovskaya has assured us that she feels safe. We were in dialogue with her around midnight yesterday, and today we spoke with her again early to be clear about what she wants. We will support her in that decision, says spokesman Mark Adams.

“We have asked the Belarusian Olympic Committee for a full written report on what has happened,” Adams said.

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– The opposition in Belarus, as well as the practitioner himself, calls this a kidnapping. Do the police see it as a kidnapping?

– He spoke to the police at the airport, and if it is a criminal act, then it is a matter for the police, says the IOC leadership.

– Will there be talk of punishing Belarus?

– It has only been 12 hours since we asked for a full report. We will observe what they say and act accordingly. As you know, we have done a lot with Belarus in the last year, says Adams.

WAKE UP ATTENTION: The ongoing case is attracting a lot of attention around the world. Here is a group of journalists meeting at the Tokyo airport on Sunday.

Timanovskaja claimed yesterday that parts of the coaching staff lined up his hotel room and asked him to pack his things Sunday. She was scheduled to participate in the 200-meter night through Monday.

“Timanovskaya is out of the Olympics due to his emotional and psychological condition”, is the explanation of the Belarusian Olympic Committee, according to RIA Novosti.

The sprinter himself discards it on Instagram: “It’s a lie.”

– No doctor has spoken to me, no one has examined me. I have good mental health, despite the situation that has arisen, Timanovskaya tells Tribuna.

Belarus is often called “the last dictatorship in Europe” and is ruled with an iron fist by Alexander Lukashenko. The country is accused of extensive human rights violations.

Timanovskaya claims that she was expelled from the games because she commented on the negligence of the coaches. She was, against her will, prepared to run the 4×400 meter relay after several athletes failed to meet the required anti-doping criteria to start. They had not undergone enough doping controls beforehand.

In Tokyo, the IOC is now working to clarify what happened: They became aware of the special situation when the practitioner himself requested police protection at Haneda airport on Sunday. She refused to board the plane that would take her to Belarus.

– It is our duty to take care of her. We’ve made sure you have a safe place to sleep and we’re continuing the conversations today, says Mark Adams.

IOC PRESS SPEAKER: Mark Adams, here during the Tokyo Games.

He does not want to reveal exactly who is protecting Timanovskaya, but says both the police and representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are involved.

– Has the IOC spoken with other practitioners from Belarus?

– We collect information and request responses from the Belarusian Olympic Committee. I have no intention of speculating beyond that, says the IOC spokesman.

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