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Bergsvand’s debut goal when Norway played: – It was great

ULLEVAAL STADION (VG) (Norway-Armenia 10-0) You will be very happy when you have scored your first goal for the national team in your first A-international match.

DEBUTANT: Guro Bergsvand is congratulated by Guro Reiten (left) and Maria Thorisdottir after his first goal for the national team.

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The qualifying match for the World Cup played 10 minutes against Armenia when midfielder Guro Bergsvand cheated the striker on the field and scored his first goal for the national team.

The 27-year-old, with a score of international appearances for the sub-national teams, has long been waiting for his debut with the A-team. After a great game for a Sandviken in search of gold this season, Bergsvand had the opportunity from the beginning of tonight.

– It was great, he says in an interview with NRK.

– Suddenly, the ball is in front of me. “Shit, what do I do now?” But then I widened it. It can’t be a much better start to the World Cup qualifiers, although they are a much weaker team than us, Bergsvand continues.

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Now Guro Bergsvand has as many A-national parties as his father Jo …

Norway made it, as expected, terribly easy against Armenia, which is ranked 128th in FIFA.

– I’m very happy, says national coach Martin Sjögren to NRK.

– We could have scored better in the first half, but in the second half we scored a lot of goals and created a lot of scoring chances. It is good that we continue to the end and score in the last second to make it double digits.

Hat-trick from abroad

Caroline Graham Hansen rose to 2-0 from the penalty spot before Karina Sævik made it 3-0. It was also the result of the break. During the break, Karina Sævik was replaced by Lisa-Marie Utland. He rose to 4-0 on his first touch with the ball.

An offensive Julie Blakstad scored her first goal for the national team in her sixth international game after just over an hour of play when she rose to 5-0. Caroline Graham Hansen and Emilie Haavi’s preparation was delicious.

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Caroline Graham Hansen’s shot in the 78th minute was easy, but the keeper’s weak play meant “Caro” got her second of the night. Then it was played in the 79th minute. Just a minute later, Lisa-Marie Utland also scored two goals and increased to 7-0.

Her third goal came in the 88th minute. Then she had to stand alone at the back post. Substitute Elisabeth Terland scored her first goal for the national team just before the end.

Then there was one more in “Caro” – hat-trick – in overtime with a touch away. Thus, it ended 10-0.

Norway lost 7-0 to the Netherlands in June. Now they win 10-0.

– But of course there are completely different levels of opponents, Sjögren tells NRK.

On Tuesday, Norway will play an away game against Kosovo. The other teams in the Norwegian group are Belgium, Poland and Albania. The winner goes directly to the World Cup in Australia / New Zealand. The second must be repeated.

P.S! Norway’s biggest victory is 17-0 in a European Championship qualifier against Slovakia in 1995.

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