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Bodø / Glimt devastated in European debut – overwhelmed Zorya Luhansk

BODØ (VG) (Bodø / Glimt – Zorya Luhansk 3–1) In their first match in a European group match, Bodø / Glimt did what Bodø / Glimt can do best: they played against the opponent in Aspmyra.

CELESTIAL: Bodø / Glimt’s attacking game was, as usual, beautiful, and it was also the end of Amahl Pellegrino (in the middle). From left to right: Alfons Sampsted, Patrick Berg, Amahl Pellegrino, Brede Moe, Ola Solbakken and Marius Lode.

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On the club’s 105th anniversary, a festive crowd received attacking football suspiciously reminiscent of the now legendary 2020 season.

Over the course of a magical 80 seconds at the start of the second half, he went from zero goals to a 2-0 lead as one was spoiled by watching Bodø / Glimt on their own artificial turf.

The hosts had created several chances in the first half, but did not get the ball into the goal. However, they only needed two minutes after the break before the lead was in the area.

Ulrik Saltnes hit the ball to Zorya’s goalkeeper, Dmytro Matsapura, who missed completely with his intervention.

FLYING OUT: Ulrik Saltnes reached the top both in the corner and in the celebration afterwards along with Fredrik Bjørkan and Patrick Berg.

A minute and 20 seconds later he struck again. Glimt won the ball and Ola Solbakken began to play free, who finished in the goal over the head of the visiting team’s goalkeeper.

Dream score

However, the most beautiful goal came just over a quarter of an hour in the second half.

Glimt put a lot of pressure on the left wing and Amahl Pellegrino caught the ball on the wing. He took advantage of the fact that the goalkeeper was in the middle distance and deflected the ball into the far corner with perfect precision.

HUGGING: Patrick Berg and Ulrik Saltnes gave Amahl Pellegrino a good hug after the fantastic 3-0 goal.

Thus, it was a top crushing victory in the historic settlement. Bodø / Glimt had never made it to a group match in a continental tournament before, but it seemed they hadn’t done it any other way.

It didn’t matter that overtime was lost. Maksym Lunov had to run and dump the ball on Nikita Haikin in the Glimt cage.

Fall magic

Bodø / Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen said before the game that he got “Rosenborg partnerships” with the autumn game in the spotlight, and it’s not hard to understand what he meant.

The temperature dropped just below the double-digit number of degrees when the whistle signal sounded. Interspersed with some chilly afternoon air, a spectacular fireworks display, and a heroic audience, it was an electric night in the autumn darkness in Aspmyra.

TIFO: Field J was so hot before the game that they forgot an S in all the euphoria of playing in Europe.

Already in the first minute of the match, Bodø / Glimt almost opened when Amahl Pellegrino burst in and circled the goalkeeper, but the angle was too sharp for the top scorer to find an opening to put the ball into goal.

Ulrik Saltnes had several good chances before his goal, while Zorya Luhansk did not have a single shot on goal before the break.

Mourinho is waiting

While Kjetil Knutsen seemed to have devised the perfect plan to block the visitors’ play from behind, former Werder Bremen player Viktor Skripnik struggled to find some effective counterattack on Zorya’s coaching staff.

SORRY, LUHANSK: Kjetil Knutsen is the main character behind the well-functioning Glimt machinery, and he was not kind to the guests from Ukraine.

In the second group match between Roma and CSKA Sofia, the Italians won overwhelmingly.

In two weeks he expects an away game in Bulgaria for Bodø / Glimt. If the Northerners win there, they will enter the double deal against Rome with all possible self-confidence and low shoulders.

José Mourinho and Roma will arrive in Bodø on October 21. It’s just a matter of stepping forward to a magnificent European autumn for Bodø / Glimt.

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