Wednesday, October 27

The warning came two months ago. Thousands are now laid off.

French President Emmanuel Macron gave healthcare workers a deadline for vaccination in mid-July.

In June, the president demanded that healthcare workers be vaccinated. Yesterday the deadline expired.

Take the vaccine!

That was the main message from French President Emmanuel Macron in July. He said this at press conferences. He said it on the radio. He said it on television.

And he didn’t just say that.

He tweeted it. With a poison, a short video of himself where he said it.

Despite many calls, so far 16 percent of the population has avoided being stabbed in the arm.

Now the president has taken a warning from two months ago seriously.

Fire thousands a day

At the same time that he asked the country’s inhabitants to get vaccinated in June, the president gave a clear message. He directed him to “support” occupations. Among other employees of hospitals, nursing homes and firefighters:

Those who don’t get vaccinated will be fired without pay if they don’t have at least one stab in the arm by September 15.

They had to prove it with a vaccination passport.

The deadline expired on Wednesday. There was great enthusiasm for the number of people who had not taken the warning seriously, he writes The world.

A few days later, it was learned that 84 percent of the country’s adults have been vaccinated, according to the country’s health authorities.

However, CGT was concerned. It is one of the largest workers’ unions in France. The organization warn against “a health catastrophe” if employees were not allowed to work.

Thousands laid off without pay

The following day, the country’s Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, visited the radio channel. RTL France.

There he presented figures on how many had not followed the president’s warning:

– Yesterday around 3,000 dismissal notices were sent to unvaccinated employees in health centers and clinics, said Véran.

He promised that he had not gone beyond the country’s patients.

Care, safety and quality were maintained, he assured.

However, French newspapers reported riots in the first hours after the layoffs took effect.

Missing anesthesiologists

In some hospitals, MRI machines couldn’t be used as employees had to go during the day.

Things were worse in the southern city of Montélimar. This was reported by the news channel BMF.

In a hospital there, several of the operations for the next week must be canceled.

– Four operating rooms will not be able to function normally, said the director of the hospital, Henri Osman.

The reason was that several of his anesthetists were among the 3,000 who had not been vaccinated.

It created discomfort.

Therefore, Health Minister Véran came up with better news on Thursday. The rest of the country’s 2.7 million fire and health workers have been vaccinated and are in full swing.

At the same time, he promised that the layoffs are temporary. Several health workers will now take the vaccine, when they realized that the warning about unpaid leave was genuine, he said.

At the same time, about a dozen have quit their jobs instead of getting vaccinated.

France is far from the only country that has now mandated mandatory vaccination for critical task forces.

Stronger court mandates

In Italy, the coronary vaccine was mandatory for health workers as early as March. Last week, authorities extended the requirement to more working groups.

Now everyone who works in schools must also show that they have been vaccinated. In addition to those who work in nursing homes. The scheme will take effect in October.

At the beginning of the month, Greece introduced similar rules. There, it became mandatory for healthcare workers to take the coronary vaccine.

This sparked anger among employees in parts of the industry. Hundreds of people protested against the plan in the capital Athens.

Last week, the United States also introduced orders for vaccines. This was stated by President Joe Biden before the weekend. The reason is that 80 million Americans have yet to get vaccinated.

The president is tired of it. But the order received harsh criticism from various quarters. Especially Republican politicians. Several of them are now threatening to sue.

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