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Total confusion about reopening. We can look forward to this when the next phase is implemented.

A press conference on the status of the crown in Norway was announced on Friday.

The health caps hold the cards close to the chest. But many things will change in the coming weeks, warns health director Espen Nakstad.

When can we expect a full reopening of Norway? The question worries many these days. On Thursday, the confusion was total.

Thursday morning reported Today’s business that the government would announce the full reopening date at a press conference on Friday. It was later rejected by the Ministry of Health and Sanitary Services.

What is certain, however, is that there will be a press conference on the situation of the crown on Friday at 1 pm

Present will be both the Minister of Health and Sanitary Services Bent Høie, the Deputy Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad and the Director of the Department of the National Institute of Public Health Line Vold.

However, it is not known with certainty what news there will be. Both Høie, Nakstad, and Vold hold the cards near their chests. But opposite
TV 2 warns Nakstad that many things will change in the coming weeks and months.

Deputy Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad

Stop: a plan may come

According to Høie, it will not be relevant if the government announces a reopening date long before the rules go into effect. But a plan for what the next step will look like can come sooner, he says. VG.

On Friday, our neighbors to the south were able to relax in virtually every measure. Covid-19 is no longer considered a socially critical illness.

In this country, the goal is for 90 percent of those over 18 to receive a second dose of vaccine, described as an important milestone and ambition of total reopening.

Høie has previously said yes. VG which he thinks will happen at the end of September. Today, 81.7 percent of all adults have received two doses.

For NTB, however, Høie denies that they have locked themselves in 90 percent.

– We are not locked into this number alone to assess whether we can move on to a normal everyday life, but it is an ambition. Then we will evaluate the coverage of the vaccine along with the other factors.

Fresh the weekly report Wednesday showed that the development of the infection is slowing down in Norway for the first time in seven weeks. This is a 16 percent decrease from last week.

What can we expect?

At the moment, Norway is in the so-called “step 3” of 4 in the reopening plan. The four-part reopening plan was presented by the government in April 2021.

Step 3 was introduced on June 18. However, due to the development of the infection and the pace of the vaccine, the government has repeatedly waited for the introduction of stage 4.

During the summer, however, various facilities were carried out on stage 3, which originally belonged to stage 4.

In early September, the government decided to postpone the reopening and Skip all of Step 4 of the reopening plan.

This means that we will stick with step 3 until we can go directly to the phase that the government has decided to ask for. “A normal daily life with more preparation.”

A more normal everyday life

The phase known as “A normal daily life with greater preparation” is summarized as follows by the government websites:

  • The population will be little affected by the pandemic in daily life. You still need to remember cough and hand hygiene, have a lower threshold for being home in case of illness, and challenge yourself when advice dictates. But the special measures for covid-19 are being phased out.
  • At the same time, local and national authorities will closely monitor developments, so that action can be taken quickly if the situation changes. The government, health authorities, hospitals and municipalities will have greater control and preparation.

Exactly how it will look in detail and what municipalities should prepare for, they have not said anything yet.

For TV 2 Nakstad says that we are facing a fall and winter in which we can still catch a large number of coronaviruses and influenza disease at the same time.

– For this reason, we still need good preparation, so that the health service does not become overloaded, even if daily life becomes more normal for many, he tells the web.

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