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Barbed wire is good

Why don’t we rename Europe’s refugee-free welfare states to barbed wire?

This is a chronicle. Opinions in the text are the responsibility of the writer.

We have the language to communicate, collaborate, understand, live together. We also have the language for the opposite reason, to reduce, ignore, harm, dehumanize or perhaps even kill each other. It is not just the law that determines how we treat others. So does language. If we only refer to a specific group of people in derogatory terms, it will also be easier to hurt them. Violence begins in language.

In the race

Let us express ourselves as people on the run. It’s one of those awkward expressions that invites you to participate in the awkwardness. We can see them in front of us, a father and a mother with children in their hands or in their arms. The suitcase with the last belongings that they have had to deliver for a long time. The forces were no longer sustained. Now they are alone, in a meadow, but not in the Lord’s field, because Our Lord has turned his back on them a long time ago.

Therefore, people who flee is an expression that politicians avoid using. Even the word refugee is rarely brought to one’s mouth. People should preferably not get the idea that refugees are also a type of people, people who might need a helping hand. Instead, they speak of migrants, a new bureaucratic word that invites nothing but some confusion. What the hell is he a migrant for?

People should preferably not get the idea that refugees are also a type of people, people who might need a helping hand.

If we look for a dictionary or an encyclopedia, we can read that a migrant is a person who moves from one country to another. In other words, emigrant or emigrant. So why don’t politicians just say that? They do not, because the use of the word emigrant would reveal that they were immersed in a demagogic delusion. Because it is about people on the run who use the word migrant. People who flee are not, like so-called migrants, driven by the ambition to improve their living conditions. They have been expelled from their homeland because otherwise it would have been impossible to keep them alive.

How to keep them out?

Last week, several EU ministers, including Danish Foreign Minister Mattias Tesfaye, attended a summit in Brussels. The conference was not just about how to keep them away, all the Afghans who will flee to Europe in the next few years. It was primarily about how to keep them out of the language.

In the joint statement of the ministers, in which they support Trump’s idea of ​​making the walls the most important monument of our time, there is no mention of refugees at all. Instead, they call all these desperate, runaways “illegal immigrants.”

Under what law is the escape suddenly illegal? Taliban? Or ours?

If we are to take this absurd expression seriously, it means that all fleeing Afghans are illegal migrants, that is, criminals. His survival instinct is classified as a criminal. But in relation to what law is escape suddenly illegal? Taliban? Or ours?

An estimated 30,000 people have fled Afghanistan every week since the Taliban began their offensive in May. It will be approx. half a million criminals so far. Another half a million are estimated to flee in the next month alone. That’s a million Afghan criminals. If we take the term illegal migrants seriously, what doors should be opened for them, other than prison doors?

A girl is being helped to cross the border into southern Hungary in 2015.

Dragging across the border

At best, Afghans can be allowed to crawl across the border into a so-called neighboring area, that is, Pakistan or Iran, two countries that already host three million refugees in advance. We know everything about the Middle East and Libya. The giant camps where Afghans will be kept are nothing more than prisons where they are deprived of the last chance to escape and have to survive on the brink of life malnourished, abused and traumatized. We Europeans who could afford to wage war in your country for twenty years cannot afford to receive them.

Barbed wire is Europe’s main contribution to civilization and the future of our happy continent.

Don’t give us fish, a young Afghan woman in Herat told me five years ago. Instead, teach us how to fish. But we gave them fish, rotten, stinking fish, a government of criminal warlords that we falsely declare Democrats. And now the rotten fish has been swallowed by a shark and the duped Afghans are on the run again.

Mattias Tesfaye is Denmark’s Minister for Immigration and Integration Affairs.

Hear from Danish Foreign Minister Mattias Tesfaye, who now praises the authoritarian ruler of Hungary, Victor Orban, for having surrounded his country with barbed wire in the so-called refugee crisis in 2015. Denmark is now sending barbed wire to Lithuania to that they can protect themselves from “illegal immigrants” from Belarus. From the Minister of Foreign Affairs, we understand that barbed wire is Europe’s greatest contribution to civilization and to the future of our self-satisfied continent.

We affirm that we have elevated Afghans to democracy. Why can’t they come here?

We affirm that we have elevated Afghans to democracy. Why can’t they come here? Should a barbed wire barrier be the natural end of the brave Democrats? So they can hang there out of fear and warning? So it is with those who are stupid enough to believe our promises. The barbed wire is your new home.

Now that we are up and running, why don’t we change the name of Europe from now on welfare states without refugees to barbed wire states?

So, at least finally, we would tell it as it is.

Translated from Danish by Bjørg Hellum

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