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Ecocrime “follows” revelations about Ropstad

Tax authorities are considering whether KrF leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad should be investigated. This is stated by Økokrim, who follows the evolution of the case.

The Oslo Police District and Økokrim are awaiting the Tax Administration investigations of KrF leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad. Nobody wants to start a criminal case on their own initiative.

Ecocrime reports that the police are in dialogue with the Tax Administration about the tax case of KrF leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad. Write Økokrim in a press release.

“Based on what has appeared in the media recently, Økokrim has contacted the Tax Administration. It is a normal procedure in all cases in which this type of information appears ”, it is indicated in the press release.

– We follow the information that appears in the public, says Pål Lønseth, CEO of Økokrim, to Aftenposten.

He emphasizes that it is now up to the Tax Administration to evaluate what should happen next.

Økokrim CEO Pål Lønseth says Økokrim is following the Ropstad case.

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Background: KrF leader said he had expenses with his parents to avoid taxes. But he didn’t pay a penny.

Contact the Tax Administration

Økokrim’s boss, Lønseth, says the police have contacted the Tax Administration on their own.

– This means that we have spoken with the tax authorities about what has emerged from the information and we have received information from them that they are considering the case. So far we relate to that assessment. It is not relevant for us to enter the case without coordinating with the Tax Administration, he says.

Lønseth says this is a common procedure in tax cases. If the Tax Administration decides to report Ropstad, Økokrim will enter into a dialogue with the Oslo Police District to clarify which part of the police will investigate the case.

– If the case gets in the way of punishment, we will have a dialogue between Økokrim and the Oslo police district, and then we will find out. It is not automatic for Økokrim to take the case. First, one must consider whether there is a basis for a police case, says Lønseth.

KrF leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad stated that he covered the expenses of the parents’ house. He never did. He admits to having taken active steps to avoid taxes on the prime minister’s residence. Photographed here during a press conference on the case on Friday.

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Oslo Police: waiting for the tax administration

The Oslo Police District does not want to launch an investigation into KrF leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad on his own initiative. This is what police inspector Ole Rasmus Knudsen in the Oslo police district reports to Aftenposten.

The police will only initiate an investigation if they receive a report from the Tax Administration.

– If the tax authorities find that there are crimes related to a tax case, they will normally report the case to the police and present the relevant documentation. The Oslo police district will then assess, in the usual way, whether an investigation should be launched, Knudsen told Aftenposten.

Police Inspector Ole Rasmus Knudsen says the Oslo Police District will not launch an investigation into Ropstad on its own initiative.

Private denounced Ropstad, he was fired

He confirms to Aftenposten that the Oslo police district received a report from Ropstad on 9 September for not providing correct information. This review was provided by an individual.

– The case was dropped on September 16, 2021 because the police found that there was no reasonable reason to investigate whether there was a crime under the Criminal Procedure Law § 224, says Knudsen.

It points out that the suspension was made on the basis of clear statements by the Storting administration in the media that the Storting knew the real facts about Ropstad’s registered address and that Ropstad had not provided them with incorrect information.

He will not comment on any research.

Aftenposten has asked Ropstad how he would react to a possible police investigation.

– I do not want to comment on the legal. As you know, I am in contact with the Tax Administration to compensate me, says Kjell Ingolf Ropstad to Aftenposten on Friday morning.

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