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– It became something much bigger than it was.

Swedish ski favorite Frida Karlsson feels she was misunderstood when the 22-year-old announced her arrival date for the ski race this summer.

SUPPORTED: Frida Karlsson appears here during Trollhättan Action Week 2020. This summer she faced the same competition as Top Sports Week in Norway.

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– It became something much bigger than it really was. I have not been overtrained. I braked early because I learned from the previous years. It was not uncommon for there to be competitions only that week, Karlsson tells VG by phone from Font Romeu in the French Pyrenees.

The Swede stopped Top Sports Week in Norway and Trollhättan Action Week in August. The press release said that “lately I have been feeling tired and overworked.”

Karlsson thinks someone misinterpreted this as being overtrained.

He acted after performing a check-up, which measures heart rate and lactate both when training and at rest, which was not optimal in August. The control for the following week was good again.

– Things slid back immediately. His legs only hurt a little. It was a bit of a misunderstanding. He didn’t want to take chances. This is not a year for taking risks. I’ve learned to listen more to the body, says Karlsson.

After three miles in the World Cup, the Swede was suffering:

Last season, Karlsson had several problems with his feet and muscles. chin accident in the Tour de Ski.

In December In 2019, Karlsson was denied the start. as it did not meet the health requirements of the Swedish Ski Association.

His mother and Manager Mia said this summer that “Frida is so ambitious. When things go well, she gets a little more, an extra interval here and there and then flows.”

– I feel like I had a better career than before because I could have had more continuity. I have trained well, especially in height. It will be a lot of fun for the winter, says the 22-year-old.

Before the World Cup last winter, Karlsson was optimistic:

He reached the Pyrenees a little later than the rest of the team after a cold. Karlsson says he will take care of himself throughout the fall and risk nothing.

– I have trained a bit more and increased the amount a bit this year, but that is because I have remained injury free. It has worked very well this summer, says Karlsson ahead of his Olympic debut.

The games will be held in Beijing, China. The ambitions are great.

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– Of course you have to aim high. I have clear goals for my head. There is no requirement, but I am going for gold at the Olympics. Of course you have to bet. I’m not participating, says Karlsson in a familiar style and laughs.

Ole Morten Iversen, manager of the Norwegian national team, who previously coached Sweden, expects a lot from Karlsson this winter.

– Frida has always been a little up and down. When she’s in shape, she’s extremely good and I think she’ll be this year too, says Iversen.

The Swedish comet Linn Svahn had to pass shoulder surgery recently. Sweden’s medical director Per Andersson thinks it is too early to say anything about Svahn’s Olympic participation.

– I do not exclude anything. But now it is important to be very careful in rehabilitation, then we will see how it develops, says Andersson.

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