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New rule causing the accident.

Red Bull boss Max Verstappen believes that an entirely new pit stop rule is the cause of the dramatic clash between Verstappen and archrival Lewis Hamilton, for whom Verstappen was severely punished.

SAVED BY HACK: Lewis Hamilton almost literally got Max Verstappen’s car over his head on the Monza track during the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix five days ago.

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– There was a rare human error at our pit stop, as a result of the new technical directive. But in any case, there is something we need to learn from, says Red Bulls Formula 1 boss Christian Horner, according to

Bilsportmagasinet refers to Christian Horner’s latest blog post on the Red Bull website.

Directive – the new rule of pit stops – Refers to that it was recently presented by the FIA ​​International Automobile Federation. It was valid from the Formula 1 test in the Belgian Spa on August 29. The purpose is almost to force service teams to spend more time when Verstappen, Hamilton and the other Formula One drivers enter the “compartment” at the side of the track, often to change wheels and tires.

It usually takes less than two seconds.

Here you can also see some seconds the new Netflix documentary from Michael Schumacher:

Due to the new rule, he should have taken 11 seconds to the pit stop before the Monza crash last weekend. The delay meant that Max Verstappen was left behind when he returned to the field of competition, most notably in a position just behind Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen (Red Bull) leads the overall table ahead of Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), with Finn Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) in third place.

Did you read this Raskeladden Lewis Hamilton

Christian Horner stated immediately after the Formula 1 round in Italy that Verstappen’s unusually long stay at the pitstop was an unusual case that should be investigated. Five days later, he signals the FIA’s desire to do just that for a little longer than before.

– The slow stop put Max (Verstappen) out of sync with where he should have been on the field. Mercedes (Lewis Hamilton) made matters worse after they “staggered” at their own pit stop with Hamilton’s car. This meant that the conductors were left intact, explains Christian Horner.

– Both drivers knew they had to go ahead due to the difficulties to overtake. Max was eager to seize the opportunity and Lewis would like to keep his position, adds the Red Bull boss.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen blamed each other for the accident, where the Dutchman’s car bounced in the air and landed on the Briton’s head. Apparently, Hamilton can thank a seat bar, the halo bar, strapped over the driver’s seat and seat for escaping with his life.

The referees thought that Hamilton and Verstappen were to blame for the accident, which meant that both had to interrupt the race. However, they believed that Verstappen was the main culprit.. At the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi on September 26, he will have to start from the third track as punishment for his infraction.

Christian Horner, for his part, believes that Verstappen could have given Hamilton more space, and that Hamilton could have given Verstappen more space, and that the International Federation of Motorsports should have punished them equally.

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