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We talk about electricity prices – E24

Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre and MDG party leader Une Bastholm faced the meeting on Friday morning.


– We have talked a lot about what needs to be done to reduce emissions and make it easier for people to participate in the restructuring that Norway is going through. I’m aware of. Jonas is a listener, so I’ve been told a lot about what I think is important for the next Norwegian government to focus, MDG leader Une Bastholm said after meeting with Støre on Friday.

– We had a pleasant and peaceful trip. “We have talked about the outcome of the elections and important issues in the future,” says Støre.

The Labor leader says it is not relevant with a government collaboration, but they want to have good contact with the MDGs in the future.

– For me, it has been important to say that much of what has concerned voters of the MDGs concerns us. The big task before us now is to bring about the change that will take place in Norway in a way that looks after work, well-being and is fair.

– Have the MDGs promised you support in the Storting?

– No, I didn’t ask for it either. But I have spoken well with Une throughout the four years that have been so far, and I have experience with that, and we will continue to build on that, says Støre.

– Voters are concerned about the environment, but these days they are also concerned about electricity prices, did anything pick up?

– We were in that it is a great issue, and it is an issue that affects everyone in the economy and in everyday life, that is why it is one of the great issues that we must discuss in the future. This is the case of electricity prices that when they are very low it is not a political issue, when they are very high they become a political issue, with good reason. So we stopped by here.

– Do you have any idea what you intend to do with it?

– I have some thoughts about it, but I don’t take it now, says Støre.

Met on a trip through the woods

The two party leaders had agreed to take the call after the open-air elections.

– For me, it is important to note that this has been an election in which many have voted in favor of climate action, and then it is something that both I and Jonas should follow. Then we will see what my role will be, says Bastholm.

– Children and young people need us to act for the climate now, says the MDG leader.

– We take care of the forest, it fits well. And then this is lunch, Støre says while holding an apple in each hand:

– Good Norwegian apples.

In what many thought would be the climate choice of all time, the MDGs ended 3.94 percent support – just below the four percent restriction limit. Therefore, the party only wins three of the 169 Storting seats.

Experts explain the choice: The nightmare of the MDGs, the decline of the Conservative Party and the threat of Red

The Labor Party (Labor Party) wants a majority government with SP and SV. There is great tension as to whether Sp will be part of a government with SV.

– I think we are very happy to have time after this election campaign to do things in a slightly different way. I know that Une loves to walk through the forest, and so do I, so it’s a good starting point, says Støre before the two party leaders walked together into the forest.

The meeting with the MDG leader is the last round with all the party leaders who he hopes will support his new government.

The first to come out was Trygve Slagsvold Vedum of the Center Party as Wednesday was at noon at home at Støre’s house in Ris in Oslo for initial talks about a new government. The next day, Audun Lysbakken from SV received breakfast same place and later that day, Støre Rødt’s party leader, Bjørnar Moxnes, met for a coffee at the Storting.

Traditionally, parties have until mid-October to agree on the creation of a new government.

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