Wednesday, October 27

Crawl on the back of the league leader after the “cancellation bonanza”

(Kristiansund – Haugesund 3–2) Sondre Liseth from Haugesund canceled three acquaintances in line before the break in Kristiansund. His teammate Niklas Sandberg looked like the great hero for a long time. Substitutes Torgil Gjertsen and Snorre Strand Nilsen then appeared.

Snorre Strand Nilsen became the big hero when he decided to go 3-2 for KBK.

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A game that contained everything was only decided when 88 minutes had been played. Right back Strand Nilsen appeared on the back post and made sure KBK was still hanging on top of the table.

The game turned nine minutes when the home team put the Haugesund defense to bed. A throw-in, a header and a good shot from Sander Kartum ensured the 1-0 and cheers in the local stands. The home team continued to shoot, and it was just a clear on Benjamin Tidemann’s line of doubling Moses Mawa’s lead.

Then, at 22 minutes and until the end of the game, came the tie. But it is not primarily the outstanding header from midfielder Tidemann that will be remembered. The Dane was clear offside when Kristoffer Velde hit the ball upfield. However, the referee was not impressed and admonished him to dive.

Then the fight changed character.

Four minutes later the ball was back in the net, but this time the lineman raised the flag, which again seemed questionable. And it wasn’t the last time before half-time Sondre Liseth felt the wrath of the offside flag. Not just once, but twice more, the attacking player put the ball into the net. The last of them also seemed somewhat doubtful.

– At least I disagree with one of the decisions, I also acknowledge that Liseth herself disagrees with several, said Discovery + commentator Petter Bø Tosterud.

– It is a lot of lead to have three on the network, plus they are all canceled. There are margins to the contrary, Liseth told Discovery + as she headed to the locker room to take a break.

When the forward thought that the guests had had margins against, he ignored the tie signed by captain Benjamin Tidemann.

The second round had only five minutes when Niklas Sandberg delivered a weird shop. The 25-year-old carried the ball onto the field, before “rolling it up” in the center left. Suddenly Haugesund had turned the game around.

Niklas Sandberg sent Haugesund ahead at 2-1.

The guests seemed to be in control for a long time, but when the fourth took over, Christian Mikkelsen put Torgil Gjertsen in. Trønderen only needed a small minute on the field before putting the ball into the net. The substitute took the lead quickly when Egil Selvik had to give a return, and converted the ball to make it 2-2.

Torgil Gjertsen cheers alongside Max Williamsen.

It seemed to be heading towards points scoring, but Snorre Strand Nilsen’s scoring ensured that KBK is only one point behind the top of the table. Series leader Molde plays on Sunday.

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