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Erik (18) close to breaking the record for “impossible”: – Absolutely raw!

When Erik Flanders (18) received the crown earlier this year, he feared his form had deteriorated significantly, but during physical tests this fall he was very surprised and came close to breaking Aleksander Aamodt Kilde’s “impossible” record.

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– Certainly not expected. I received “corona” in March, so I was wondering if lung capacity was there and if I should be able to squeeze out what was inside, Flanders tells VG.

The young man, surnamed better known as the Simpson family’s neighbor, trains and lives alpine at Oppdal Ski High School and says that all this summer he has spent recovering in great shape.

– I was determined to manage 1000 points, because I achieved about 1020 last year. So I was the youngest who had received more than 1000 points. But the most important thing was just getting approval so as not to be in worse shape, says the Norwegian-American.

See the crazy results of the young man:

The record for the Ironman event is held by Aleksander Aamodt Kilde with his 1140 points.

Flanders was first informed that he had broken the “impossible” record, which the Alpine national team also confirmed for the first time.

But when VG contacted Kilde, he stated that the young man was still 37 points short of setting a new record. Alpine’s selection has already fixed the error on their Instagram account.

Flanders, however, beat Henrik Kristoffersen’s box jump record, with his 118 jumps in 90 seconds.

– It gives me absolute confidence. All exercises exceeded expectations. I set a personal best on all exercises except the chin, says Flanders.

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– It is completely machine, there is no doubt about that. It’s extremely impressive, and it’s not just the box office performance that was impressive. He did good results in all exercises, Henrik Kristoffersen tells VG.

The Rælingen runner emphasizes that this is not just any drill that the Flanders have done better.

– It’s the most important album. This is the most transferable exercise for us mountaineers, says Kristoffersen and continues:

– I take off my hat, it’s incredibly big. I like to have records, but they are there to break!

You are not the only one impressed with the achievement.

National team running back Adrian Smiseth Sejersted has commented on the national team’s Instagram post with “Machine!” followed by a flame emoji. “Impressive!”. writes former mountaineer Jonathan Nordbotten.

– Very impressive result, and great that there is pressure on the gang that arises, Kilde writes in an SMS to VG and adds that the boy from Oppdal is “completely crude!”.

Flanders flies under the American flag, even though he speaks Klink Trøndelag and lives in Oppdal.

It takes many hours of training to achieve Flanders results:

– I save a lot of money driving under the American flag. Among other things, the starting fees, which we get at half price. My father is also an American, says the young man.

But there is no doubt that the goal is to represent Norway at the highest level.

– I have the goal of being the next in the world top of Oppdal. That is my main objective. The one who works the hardest gets the best, says Flanders, referring to other top mountaineers who have been trained at Oppdal Ski High School: Aksel Lund Svindal, Thea Louise Stjernesund and Timon Haugan.

The Alpine team reports on its Instagram account that Flanders has the highest score on the ski high school Ironman test.

P.S! Alpinistenes Ironman Test was originally developed in the spring of 2002. The test consists of a total of eight exercises: 3000 meters, hexagonal obstacle (flexibility), maximum squat, submaximal squat (1.2 x body weight in women and 1.5 x in men) , maximum bench press, chins (hangs), brutal bench (squats) and box jump of 90 seconds. Based on the achievements, you end up with a score.

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