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– I really appreciate having her around.

LAVAZÈ (VG) Anne Kjersti Kalvå (29) is finally on the national team and uses the advice of her cousin Marit Bjørgen (41) ahead of the Olympic season.

NEW EVERYDAY LIFE: Anne Kjersti Kalvå joined the national cross-country ski team before this season.

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– Marit is one of the people and athletes of all time. Measuring with her should be difficult, but I really appreciate having her around and asking for advice when I get the chance, Kalvå tells VG at a height meeting in Italy.

In relation to altitude gathering and training, Kalvå listens to Bjørgen, the winningest Winter Olympics of all time.

– We have contact quite often. I ask him if there’s anything he’s asking me, and he often comes up with more unsolicited advice. She gave me some crucial tips for tension in altitude training. It gives security in what I do. She is a motivated woman, says Kalvå.

The 29-year-old, often referred to as «Didrik Tønseth’s girlfriend and Bjørgen’s cousin ”- has been given a place in the national team after convincing results.

Previously he had little experience in previous training with altitude training, but since the Olympics are being high in Beijing, Kalvå has now had to prove this. So Bjørgen’s advice is useful.

UNIQUE: Marit Bjørgen took eight Olympic golds and 18 World Cup golds. Now it’s Kalvå’s turn to secure the family medals.

Kalvå was at the top along with Tønseth this summer, and will now also be part of the national team’s height collections.

– It has lived up to expectations. He was also good on the Elon Midt-Norge regional team. You get to do sports, but it’s a bonus to be pushed around by the best Norwegian girls around, says Kalvå.

– How important was it to your commitment that you joined the national team this season?

– Very crucial. We are entering an Olympic season. You have to go to the heights and it is expensive.

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– You have had many of the top 15 places. What does it take to get closer to the podium?

– It is the last step the most difficult. I feel like it’s about gaining some confidence in him and having experienced it, so that you understand that you have the level inside. I train as much as possible to achieve it.

– What races do you hope to go to the Olympics?

– It has been both my advantage and my disadvantage to have been “average good” for the most part. It is a bit difficult to choose something, but more and more I am going to become a long distance runner, so what hangs me higher is the classic 10 kilometers.

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National team manager Ole Morten Iversen believes Kalvå has been a good addition to the team.

– It is allowed to have expectations of Kalvå, without setting it too high, but she will continue her development from the last years, says Iversen.

– How do you assess your chances to get on the podium?

– I think she’s one of those who can do it. Last winter I was very impressed with Kalvå, because every weekend she would go with the knife to her throat and give birth. You are now more confident in the elite team, which means you may be able to go one step further.

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