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The own goal in extra time decided the local derby

For 91 minutes, Blink and Ranheim faced off. Then came the unfortunate moment for Blink’s cap, Robin Bjørnholm Jatta.

For a long time he seemed to be speechless between Ranheim and Stjørdals-Blink on Saturday. But an own goal in the final minutes secured Ranheim three points, and they were able to cheer.

Ranheim – Stjørdals-Blink 1-0 (0-0)

That’s when a post ended up in Blink’s field, where the otherwise very stable Bjørnholm Jatta tried to head a header into the corner.

Instead, the ball ended up in the net. So a very close deal ended with a home win on the coast.

Hard duels. Here is Bjørnholm Jatta, who was unlucky in extra time, who is taken in a real “sandwich”.

Offensive before the start

The north’s “little brother” was on the offensive before the start of the game, and the man on loan from Ranheim to Stjørdals-Blink, Martin Lundal, was convinced of another victory against the Blue and Whites.

When the teams met in late June, Blink won 1-0.

– Ranheim is a little shaky. I think we will win, he told Adresseavisen.

On the shore this Saturday, Ranheim pursued the rematch and sixth place in the table, which entitles them to play qualification for promotion to the Elite Series.

Before round 19 of the series, Ranheim was in eighth place, while Stjørdals-Blink was in 13th place. Only three points separated the teams.

Low probability

Well helped by the local fans, it was Ranheim who prevailed in the game in the first minutes. However, the finals played so far did not pose the great challenges for Blink goalkeeper David Abidja Paulmin.

The first quarter got the audience, 650 pieces tonight in September, to see a home team struggling to find the quarters in a tight Blink defense.

Ranheim struggled to find the quarters on a compact Stjørdals-Blink defense before the break.

Tangvik in full swing

Blink was confident in his ability to fight back. Tangvik put the ball into the corner from which Blink couldn’t get anything out.

When the half hour was played, he was still scoreless, but before long, Ranheim got a little more pace in the passing game and better moves in attack. And when Daniel Kvande soared into the air in Blink’s area on a precisely beaten corner kick, it looked like there was a goal for the hosts in the air.

Unfortunately for the home team, they lacked the precision and skill needed to seize the chances that could end with Paulmin’s goal being outwitted by Blink.

Waren Kamanzi had a great opportunity for Ranheim in the closing seconds of the half, but he threw the ball hard outside.

The teams went to rest in the 0-0 position.

Proud Winsnes

And as they set up the tactics for the second round, there was another one that got their well-deserved attention on the pitch.

Stig Winsnes was called to the grass to receive the King’s Medal of Merit.

– It is a great honor to pay tribute to a role model and a meeting point, a mainstay in the football community in Trøndelag for several decades, said Deputy Mayor Mona Berger and presented the medal, diploma and bouquet of flowers to Winsnes.

Winsnes, who is described as the prime force in Ranheim soccer and a fiery soul out of the ordinary, was happy and touched.

Stig Winsnes received the King’s Medal of Merit during the breach of the agreement between Ranheim and Stjørdals-Blink on Saturday.

– It is very cute and I am very proud to receive this. I started in 1981 as a coach in age-specific soccer and I don’t intend to give up, Winsnes said to great applause from the audience.

A Ranheim win would have been a nice gift for Winsnes on this special night, but from the stands Winsnes saw the visiting team behind the first opportunity of the first half as they were dangerous up front with a good header that Tangvik managed to double in. a corner. Seven minutes later, the visitors were dangerously up front again with a double chance, but again this time Blink couldn’t get the ball into goal.

Offensive switches

After the disorderly opening of the first quarter of the second half, Hugo Pereria replaced Filip Brattbakk. Ruben Alte came out.

Now Ranheim led the team higher on the field, but Stjørdals-Blink continued to fight and was on a dangerous visit to the hosts’ area on a couple of occasions.

In search of a goal, Pereira replaced Sivert Solli and Vegard Erlien in the fourth quarter. And Michael Karlsen dived in the final seven minutes.

Ranheim, who has scored 11 goals in the last three games, did not find his way to the net on Saturday. But then they would still be successful. An own goal in the ordinary last minute of the match, signed by an unfortunate Robin Utseth Bjørnholm-Jatta, became the only goal of the match on shore.

Ranheim cheered as the guests entered the locker room as the referee called off the match.

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