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– The year of the pandemic was like a dream – E24

Famous pastry chef Pascal Dupuy believes that life has never been easier than during the pandemic. At the same time, they also received crown funds from the state.

Celebrity pastry chef Pascal Dupuy had a lot to do during the pandemic year after home delivery soared.


The pandemic was a “blow” for Pascal Dupuy, but the year almost ended with record sales. Dupuy appreciates the home delivery and “wonderfully skilled employees” for that.

– Life has never been so easy as during the pandemic, says the famous pastry chef.

– The year of the pandemic was like a dream.

E24 overview shows that the bakery received NOK 205,571 in crown support for March and May last year.

At the same time, the 2020 annual report shows that pre-tax earnings ended at NOK 14.98 million, up from NOK 12.12 million the previous year.

– It was probably the best year if the result is compared with the invoicing, says Pascal Dupuy, who adds that the result before taxes was 34.75 percent of the income.

Does not respond to refund

Dupuy claims that corona support has been used for the establishment of two new stores and for the redevelopment of the premises at Ullevålsveien 47.

E24 has asked Pascal Dupuy if it is relevant to return support and if he thinks it is fair to receive support and receive dividends. He has not answered that.

However, he says he supports the view that more jobs are needed in Norway and that by establishing more pastry chefs they want to contribute to this.

Pascal patisseries received 205,000 in crown support in 2020.

Despite the increase in profits, the turnover fell from just under NOK 3 million from 2019 to just over NOK 43 million last year.

The annual report also shows that the famous pastry chef made a dividend of NOK 11 million last year.

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A billion of crown support could have been repaid without the companies having made a loss.

No dividend limit

E24 has previously discussed how various companies that have received state crown support could repay it without going bankrupt. The Labor Party announced before the election that they would have a full investigation of support for the crown.

There have been no restrictions on whether companies that have received support schemes have been able to withdraw dividends, but the opposition has previously responded.

Outgoing Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner has previously championed the design of the crisis packages.

– It is easy to forget the enormous uncertainty we had in the spring of 2020, and I am sure that the outlook would have looked much darker today if we had not faced the crisis with massive measures to give people and companies the security they needed to Come to Kneeika, she wrote to E24 in August.

Pascal’s patisseries are known for their macaroni, among other things.

Online store sales increased by 8.5 million

Although last year went well for Frenchman Dupuy, he was not as high in the hat when Norway closed in March last year.

They had produced 10,000 Easter eggs, which it was not appropriate to melt, he says. For 25 years, Dupuy had refused to start home delivery, but then contacted Bring in hopes that they could contribute.

It wasn’t many days before orders took off, he says.

– It was a new market that worked incredibly well with home delivery.

Home delivery opened a new market for pastry chef Pascal Dupuy.

The pastry chef took advantage of the experience for the holiday season and ended with “big sales.”

– And the months of November and December were the best we have had in almost 30 years of operation, says Dupuy.

The success of the home delivery caused the bakery to avoid laying off many of the staff, in addition to the waiters.

– Cooks and pastry chefs worked, and although sales fell 50 percent in stores, sales increased from 500,000 crowns to 9 million crowns in the online store, says Dupuy.

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– Ten days ago we talked about how well things are going this year, and then … Bang!

Expanding in Oslo

The experience has also been useful in 2021.

– This year’s Easter was even better, with an increase of more than 300 percent compared to Easter in 2019.

Pascal opened the fifth bakery in Oslo in September last year, and the sixth is scheduled to open in December.

– This is the last time I plan to open a store during a pandemic, laughs the famous pastry chef.

They are also considering moving the Tollbugata production plant, says Dupuy.

– It has worked like a great place since we took over in 1995, but a bit impractical when today we have to make between 40,000 and 50,000 macaroni a month.

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