Wednesday, October 20

– This shows that he puts the party before himself.

– I feel like this is a bad and difficult day, says former KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide. This is how fellow politicians react to the news.

On Saturday, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad resigned as minister and resigned as party leader.

The case is being updated.

– The last 24 hours I have had the opportunity to breathe, take a step back, evaluate the situation of the party, my loved ones and myself. I have experienced the attention of my fellow players in the last few days. I want to thank you for that.

Aftenposten revealed on Friday that Ropstad took active steps last year to avoid paying taxes on the prime minister’s residence. He said he covered his parents’ household expenses, but never paid a penny.

Thus he avoided a tax bill of 175,000 crowns. Ropstad has admitted and regretted making plans to avoid taxes.

Ropstad said that on Friday night he announced to the party leadership at KrF that he wanted to resign as party leader and minister as a result of the tax case.

During today’s press conference, he made it official.

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Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF) resigns as party leader and resigns as minister after controversial tax measure

I wish Ropstad all the best

Liberal leader Guri Melby thanks the outgoing KrF leader and the minister for the government cooperation.

– As the new leader of the party, it has been good to have him as a colleague, both in the daily work with politics, as well as as two parents of young children who will make everyday life work, says Melby in a statement to NTB.

She describes Ropstad as someone who is passionate about KrF politics and is confident that she will continue with it.

– I wish Kjell Ingolf and the family all the best in the future.

Party colleague and Development Aid Minister Dag-Inge Ulstein says it’s a bad day.

– It’s a bad day, for many. Especially for Kjell Ingolf. You have made your decision. I respect you and now I understand your assessment.

Ulstein believes that it would have been very difficult for Ropstad to continue.

– Maybe impossible, he tells NTB.

He believes that KrF must now deal with the crisis, but that the most important thing is to “take care of Kjell Ingolf”.

Ulstein says that Ropstad is a person he values ​​very much, that he is a good friend and an incredibly energetic politician.

Sylvi Listhaug, FRP leader, thinks it is good that Ropstad is resigning now.

– What has arisen in recent days are serious conditions, and I fully understand that you are now choosing to retire. This is a difficult time for both Ropstad and her family. Now I hope you have peace to make up for it and move on, says Sylvi Listhaug, FRP leader, to VG.

– A bad and difficult day

Former KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide thanks Kjell Ingolf Ropstad after the party leader resigned today.

– I feel like this is a bad and difficult day. But it is more demanding on Kjell Ingolf and the family. He has apologized and said that this should not have happened.

Hareide respects Ropstad’s decision and notes that Ropstad has considered the best for KrF and its loved ones.

– Kjell Ingolf and I have worked closely together during my years at the Storting and I appreciate him very much, as a colleague and friend. We did not agree on the choice of management, but we have maintained good contact and friendship, the former KrF leader tells NTB.

KrF leaders support the decision

Several of Ropstad’s party colleagues have also reacted to his resignation.

Per Sverre Kvinlaug in Agder KrF is not surprised by Ropstad’s decision to resign as party leader and minister.

– When Kjell Ingolf has concluded as he has done, I am sure that his decision is the best for him and for the party, says Kvinlaug to NRK.

KrF veteran Torhild Bransdal has been a parliamentary representative for the past four years.

She describes Ropstad’s departure as sad, but believes it was the right thing to do. The same goes for KrF central board member Karin Kirsti Bakklund Bjørkhaug.

Oluf Maurud, the leader of Innlandet KrF, believes that Ropstad did not have many other options as the case unfolded.

– This shows that he puts the party before himself. I think it’s cool of him to do that, Maurud tells NRK.

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