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Rosenborg’s revenge after Vecchia double

(Sarpsborg 08-Rosenborg 1-3) Rosenborg claimed the sixth win in their last seven matches after cannon goals from Stefano Vecchia and Per Ciljan Skjelbred, and another gift from Vecchia in the second half.

FIVE AND SIX: Rosenborg’s Stefano Vecchia scored his fifth and sixth goals this season.

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Substitute Ole Jørgen Halvorsen (33) cut to 1-3 for Sarpsborg 14 minutes before the end, with a perfectly timed right wrist shot taken from 10 meters up into the center right behind Rosenborg goalkeeper André Hansen.

Kristian Fardal Opseth (31) should have been reduced even further, to 2-3, eight minutes before the end. But the ball somehow slipped off his foot, right in front of Hansen’s nose, and out of Hansen’s right post.

Live vg Sarpsborg 08-Rosenborg.

The home team knew they could beat Rosenborg. Sarpsborg beat the guests 1-0 on June 20. It was a historic victory. Sarpsborg had never before beaten Rosenborg at Lerkendal.

Three months later it was probably Åge Hareides team determined to get revenge.

– It was an unnecessary loss, really, he stated in an interview shown on Discovery + before the start, and emphasized that it was a long time ago.

Sarpsborg coach Lars Bohinen, for his part, believed himself optimistic and announced that his team would act with offensive style on the artificial turf.

– Rosenborg always gives us opportunities, he told licensee Discovery +.

Rosenborg started surprisingly with three players on the baseline, ahead of André Hansen. Sarpsborg initially tried to do what the coach had told him to do. They succeeded in part, but not entirely. The forward-facing one often ended up in RBK’s block and André Hansen’s sure grip.

SMØRBLID: Rosenborg’s Åge Hareide resigns, supposedly forever, after this season.

Finally, the guests held on in the form of secure organization and high pressure on the appropriate occasions. The 1-0 in the 22nd minute came as a result of a quick substitution and tick-tock interaction to thank between Swede Stefano Vecchia (26) and Danish Carlo Holse on the left wing: Vecchia to Holse, Holse returned the the ball to Vecchia, who melted at high speed with the right sledgehammer from 17 to 18 meters.

The shot is removable, as they say, in the left corner for Sarpsborg goalkeeper Anders Kristiansen. Vecchia’s fifth goal this season, a delicacy. Eleven minutes later, Per Ciljan Skjelbred (34) would be just as good. In his first match in three months, the ball landed on his legs, 20 meters from goal, following a Rosenborg free kick in the Sarpsborg 16-meter area.

Right-handed again, this time Skjelbreds. Pang, top left corner by Anders Kristiansen.

REASON TO CELEBRATE: Per Ciljan Skjelbred finally returned to the field for Rosenborg, scoring almost immediately by scoring the Trondheim club’s second goal.

– Incredibly delicious. It’s important that we just continue now, said a buttery Per Ciljan Skjelbred in a short interview.

Yes, then it also leaks.

Immediately after the 0-2, it appeared that Sarpsborg’s team quickly called a court martial before kick-off.

– We started well, but then we got incredibly sloppy and let in two unnecessary goals. We lost momentum, said Joachim Thomassen of Sarpsborg, Lerkendal’s scorer in June.

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In this context, “Momentum” can be translated as lost form, lost head, and lost duels.

– Poor opportunity, Lars Bohinen thought about the first 45 minutes, before having to explain why the Sarpsborg players in time before the start of the second half drove and warmed up.

Yes, it was because they have bad stats when it comes to the first quarter of the second half. Six minutes later, Sarpsborg sports manager Thomas Berntsen was caught on a television camera as he strangled a yawn. He was not influenced by his players. They seemed agile again, as in the first minutes of the first part.

But they still haven’t fixed what Stefano Vecchia fixed so well, once again. Again he arrived in a hurry, received a precise pass from Emil Konradsen Ceide (20) and crashed his second and Rosenborg’s third in Sarpsborg, after 56 minutes.

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