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The Center Party does not give in to a controversial defense agreement

Liv Signe Navarsete believes that the Center Party will not bow to SV on the question of a new defense agreement with the United States.

SV is against a new comprehensive defense agreement with the United States. – We must have the agreement, says former Center Party leader Liv Signe Navarsete. She believes the party will not give in.

– In my opinion, which up to now is also the opinion of Sp, we must have the agreement.

This is what the outgoing representative of the Storting for SP, and a member of the Storting Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, Liv Signe Navarsete, says about the controversial defense agreement that Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen has signed with the United States.

The deal runs the risk of being a tough nut to crack for potential government partners in the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Center Party.

SV leader Audun Lysbakken said Wednesday that he is critical of the deal.

The Center Party believes that Norway should sign the agreement, which gives US forces greater leeway at four Norwegian military bases.

Also the Labor Party supports the agreement.

– We are in favor of our allies being trained and practiced in Norway and we are in favor of this activity being carried out in an orderly manner and based on up-to-date agreements, said the chairwoman of the Storting’s Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, Anniken Huitfeldt of the Party. Labor. in April.

Defense is important to Sp

Therefore, some will have to give in to the case if they want to sit together in government. Navarsete believes that it will not be the Center Party.

– Defense policy is one of the areas in which we have won many voters, especially in the north. There are expectations for Sp in many areas, and defense should definitely be an area where we should stay high, she says.

Navarsete stresses that she, as an outgoing parliamentary deputy, will not participate in discussions about possible government cooperation. Still, she’s pretty sure defense will be a battle for those who do.

SP leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum has previously highlighted defense policy as one of the main issues separating SV and the Center Party. His support for NATO differs dramatically from SV’s position on replacing NATO with a Nordic defense alliance.

Navarsete still doesn’t think the deal should get in the way of a collaboration with SV.

– My experience is that if the will to meet is there, then you can do it. If someone gets something and someone gets something else, it is possible to agree.

Important with NATO cooperation

The agreement deals with the American presence, training and rehearsal in Norway. According to the government, it will help Norway receive reinforcements from the United States more quickly in a crisis or war.

It will give Americans the opportunity to:

  • Build and have exclusive access to your own teigs within the Norwegian bases.
  • Bring your own team to the bases, which Norway does not necessarily have access to.
  • Let your own military and civilians travel seamlessly in and out of Norway.
  • Even being a police officer for your own soldiers and civilians, even if they commit crimes in their spare time, off bases.

The deal has been criticized by several, including Rødt’s leader, Bjørnar Moxnes, for giving Americans too much authority on Norwegian soil. Despite the criticism, Navarsete believes that it is absolutely crucial for Norway’s security. According to her, the Center Party wants closer cooperation with our important allies in the United States and NATO.

While we also question the fact that the US gets a more independent role from the grassroots, it’s a bit like you have to give a little to get a little.

Navarsete, however, says that the Center Party should open up to discuss the details of the agreement.

– From my point of view, we should not deviate from the main point of view, but there are opportunities to discuss the details of the agreement with the United States.

Basic politics in peacetime

The Norwegian base’s policy is based on a declaration to the Soviet Union in 1949, when Norway joined NATO. Later, the Norwegian government said that they would not “open bases for the forces of foreign forces”, unless you were under attack or threat of attack.

– Do you think we are in a situation where war threatens?

– We are not in a situation in which war threatens, but we are in a deteriorating security policy situation.

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