Sunday, October 24

– This point can mean everything

(Tromsø 1-1 Brann) Tromsø was on track for their first home win this year and a gap with Brann in the relegation battle, but 21-year-old Japhet Sery made sure there was a draw at Alfheim.

MATCHED: Japhet Sery made sure Brann got points from Tromsø.

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For the first time this season, Brann was able to take a safe place in the Elite Series.

They then had to beat a team from Tromsø that chased their first home win of the season. Both teams had several good opportunities in the first half, where a beautiful goal from Niklas Vesterlund ensured that Tromsø went into the break in the lead.

In the second half, Brann pushed early. Tromsø seemed to have taken control of the game, but with 20 minutes remaining, midfielder Japhet Sery equalized from a corner kick.

The score is a first for the 21-year-old Dane for Brann, and he does the status quo in the background fight – wherever Mjøndalen scored a point on Sunday after playing a draw at home against Sandefjord.

– I think we play a good game away from home and we can get three points if we are effective. It may be important that both teams don’t lose, and then you might be fine with a point, Branns Sivert Heltne Nilsen tells Discovery +.

– This point can mean everything. It is incredibly important not to lose against Tromsø. Then it would be very high. We are very happy with a point away from home, says Heltne Nilsen.

– We’re a bit where Brann is. We take that point with us, and then try to get even better content on the field, Tromsø coach Gaute Helstrup tells Discovery +.

– We struggle a bit to find the rhythm that makes us slide like hot poop in a hug of snow. We do not fully understand it, we would have liked to have more than one objective, it is the image that the Runar Espejord of Tromsø draws for Discovery +.

HEALTH: Niklas Vesterlund (number three from right) sent Tromsø to the lead in the first round.

The big climax of the match came in the 18th minute. Tromsø gradually made their way into Brann’s half, where they played completely free with four quick touches.

Vesterlund played on the wall with Eric Kitolano and Runar Espejord. The last heel launched the ball in a perfect space and from 16 meters the Danish Vesterlund put the ball into the goal through the post.

– It’s a class score, says Discovery + soccer expert Tor Ole Skullerud, praising both the combinations and the shot at Vesterlund.

– It was a good score. It was delicious, says the Dane himself to Discovery + with a smile.

Branns midfielder Fredrik Pallesen Knudsen was clear in the speech when asked about the score:

– We play ball with the hat, he tells Discovery + during the break.

The midfielder was then more concerned with looking ahead.

– There’s not much we can do about it right now. We just have to stand firm. We have to choose points here, that’s what we care about. We have to go out in the second half and chase the goal. We have to get the box and try to get a score.

That goal also came, when Japhet Sery scored his first goal at Brann, in what was the Dane’s second game in the Eliteserien.

Three minutes before the end, Brann was reduced to ten men when Pallesen Knudsen received his second yellow card, but the guests stayed away and secured a point.

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