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Pascal Dupuy has been selling French pastries in Oslo for over 25 years, now opening for his life’s work to continue.

Pascal Dupuy opened the bakery at Tollbugata 11 in 1995.

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Pascal Dupuy runs the pastry shop under his own name since 1995, and opened the first establishment in Tollbugata 11. Today he can boast of five different establishments.

Now the famous pastry chef is opening up his life’s work to find new owners.

– If anyone sees Pascal as an investment opportunity, it’s worth noting that there aren’t many bakeries that can aim for such profitability, says Dupuy.

In the year of the pandemic, the famous pastry chef boasted a profit of almost NOK 14.92 million.

– I have the sailboat, I have the ‘lady’, now I’m just waiting for an offer from an investor who wants to bombard Norway with small bakeries, says Dupuy.

– You want to sell Pascal?

-Well, he wonders who is knocking at the door and at what price, he says.

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Sold candy for 43 million

The Frenchman is a renowned pastry chef, a member of Relais Dessert International, which brings together the world’s elite in high-quality French baked goods, according to the website.

It was love that brought him to Norway in the 1990s, he had previously told her. Well. He was tired of being a pastry chef in France, where he had to use quick fixes and semi-finished products, he said in 2013. For him, both the appearance and the taste must be perfect.

– You must have respect for work, but passion is just as important. I go back to work and make a product. As a pastry chef, I am passionate about this and this is my passion, he told Godt.

Macaroni are among the baked goods you’ll find at Pascal.

The passion for bringing sweet flavors to the Norwegian people has also earned Dupuy money.

The bakeries’ revenue ended at NOK 43 million last year. In 2019, you were asked if you thought Norwegians were so hungry for macaroni when you started.

– No, it wasn’t on my mind at the time. But it quickly became clear to me that Norwegians appreciate good taste and quality, he replied then.

In recent years, it has also become the center of attention.

In 2015, Pascal Dupuy swayed on TV 2’s parquet with Mai Mentzoni.

For two seasons, television cameras followed the day-to-day life of Dupuy and the employees, in the series TV 3 «Pascales konditori». Dupuy has also delivered «We Dance»On TV 2, and I’ve been a judge on«All of Norway Baker».

The operation of the pastry shops has also generated wealth for the French. According to tax figures, Dupuy had a fortune of NOK 28.6 million in 2019 and was listed with an income of NOK 170,000.

However, the pastry chef has taken nearly $ 56 million in dividends from the company since 2011.

Currently thriving with the operation

Dupuy says that you shouldn’t ignore the fact that Pascal will one day be sold, but that he is currently enjoying the bakery operation.

– I also have incredibly skilled employees that I can trust when I ride the sailboat for two months every summer. Everything is in place, he says.

– Now we only need a larger production facility, so that we can develop on an even larger scale.

The room has worked well since 1995, according to Dupuy, but he thinks it’s a bit impractical when it comes to making 40,000 to 50,000 macaroons a month.

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