Wednesday, October 27

A woman died after being stabbed at a navigation office in Bergen. A man has been charged with murder.

Armed police arrested one person after two people were stabbed at a Nav office in Bergen. The victims are two Nav employees. A woman in her 50s is dead.

At around 11:15 a.m., the detainee was taken from the Nav building in Årstad. The person was covered.

A woman employed at Nav in her 50s died after a knife attack Monday morning.

Another Nav employee is slightly injured. The woman is in her 30s.

The alleged perpetrator is a Norwegian citizen of foreign origin, the police announced at a press conference on Monday afternoon. The man is charged with murder and serious bodily injury. The man has lived in Norway since 2011 and has been a Norwegian citizen since 2019.

The man is not an acquaintance of the police.

An armed police operation was launched after the Western Police District received a report of a stabbing at Nav Årstad in Danmarksplass in Bergen at 10.02. The first police car arrived at the scene after four minutes.

Police received six different emergency calls from employees at the local Nav office.

Two people were found stabbed at the scene. These were taken to Haukeland University Hospital. One was confirmed dead later that day.

He was at the scene after four minutes.

– This is a tragic and dramatic situation that affects many, says Police Inspector Morten Ørn, head of the Bergen, Askøy and Øygarden geographical unit.

Armed police in front of the navigation office in Bergen on Monday morning.

The police defined the incident as a PLIVO incident (continuous violence that threatens life).

– We were told that the assailant was moving around the building. This perpetrator was arrested after six minutes, Ørn says.

Bergens tidende wrote at 11:15 AM that the alleged perpetrator was taken from the Nav building by the police. On Monday afternoon, the police searched the address where the detained person is registered, according to Bergens Tidende.

On Monday morning, there was a large crowd of emergency services outside the Nav office. according to Bergensavisen There have been at least 15 ambulances, police cars and fire trucks at the scene.

Staff meeting at the hotel

Birgitte B. Lygre, Senior Communications Consultant at Nav Vestland, said this morning BT there had been “an episode” in Nav’s office.

– We do not know exactly what has happened, but the management is in place in the office and is trying to get an overview of the situation and, not least, control the employees, said Lygre.

Employees from Nav’s office gathered at a hotel on Monday to be cared for by a crisis team, Nav Vestland’s deputy director tells the newspaper.

The streets in the area were blocked.

I don’t know if the attack was directed at specific people.

Task leader Synnøve Malkenes stated that the police conducted several searches of the building after the incident. The perpetrator was in talks with the police on Monday morning.

– We do not know if it was an attack directed at specific people or if it was accidental. We know that other employees were present and we have control over everyone who was inside the building at the time this happened. They are collected and cared for by health personnel on the spot, says Malkenes.

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