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Johaug can do like Bjørgen:

Therese Johaug (33) confirms to TV 2 that expanding the family is in mind when planning the end of her career. She can do like Marit Bjørgen.

SUCCESSFUL TOGETHER: Therese Johaug (left) and Marit Bjørgen were successful together during the 2015 World Cup. Ten months later, Bjørgen became a mother for the first time.

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Bjørgen became a mother at the age of 35 in 2015 and then came back with very strong performances at WC 2017 and the 2018 Olympics. Johaug thinks about doing the same. You can match the kids with continued commitment at the highest level until the World Cup in Trondheim in 2025. The following year is the Olympics in Italy.

– You have reached an age where it is natural to have several thoughts in your head at the same time, says manager Jørn Ernst to VG.

Johaug answers the following TV 2 asks if you’ve “thought of taking a year off and competing in the WC in Trondheim as Mamma-Johaug”:

– Yes, both thoughts are thought!

Therese Johaug has been friends with former rowing world champion Nils Jakob Hoff for seven years. ON Ida Fladen Podcast Last year, he revealed the following about the future plans of the couple who cohabit and live in west Oslo:

– I hope eventually there will be some children. You are at the age where you start to count a little on your fingers and you think that maybe you have to start soon, time flies. So we just had a house and it’s really nice there, Johaug said.

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The Beijing Olympics are his clear goals this season. Johaug topped the podium four times during the World Cup in Oberstdorf last winter, but he still has the benefit of winning the Olympics individually. He has Olympic gold in relay since 2010.

Four years later, he became individual silver in Sochi. Marit Bjørgen won three golds during the Olympic Games in Russia and also went to the World Cup in Falun the following year. Before the 2015/2016 non-championship season, it became known that Bjørgen was pregnant. She gave birth to her first child, Marius, on Christmas Eve.

14 months later, she was hugely successful with four World Cup gold medals as a 36-year-old mother. Therese Johaug will be the same age during the World Championships in Trondheim in 2025.

– I was so lucky to be able to experience the World Cup in Oslo in 2011. Becoming a world champion at home with so many people in Kollen, that is probably my greatest experience. And to be able to be a part of something like that again would have been fantastic. But, it is a long time until the World Cup in Trondheim, we will see, says Therese Johaug to TV 2 during the height meeting of the national team in Italy.

Marit Bjørgen plus as a mother with her last two golds and a total of five Olympic medals when she was 37 years old in Pyeongchang. Her good friend, Therese Johaug, will be the same age when the Olympics are held in 2026.

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Jørn Ernst confirms that Johaug has communicated to his sponsors and partners that he can extend his career beyond the Winter Olympics.

– What happened during the Oslo World Cup was fantastic. It’s natural for her to think of the Trondheim World Cup as a goal, says Ernst. The manager says there is no concrete plan on how she will solve the seasons that come after the Beijing Olympics.

Therese Johaug won her first World Cup individual gold in the three-mile race during the World Cup in Holmenkollen 10 years ago. Then, he only distanced Marit Bjørgen in the silver spot for 44 seconds.

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