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Stig-André Berge on the future: – Scary

LAMBERTSETER BREAKING CLUB (VG) Stig-André Berge (38) hopes to get up in the morning without having pain throughout his body. At the same time, he admits that it is scary to do it without thinking “today I will be a better fighter.”

TV SERIES READY: Stig-André Berge is obviously not hiding anything in the NRK documentary series “Hodet i klemme” which premieres on September 19 and ends with an episode about wrestling in Oslo from October 2-10.

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– Yes, it is an incredibly long time and I am looking forward to finishing it. There is not a single day that does not hurt. I have a lot of pain in my body. It takes a lot of me to quit the job it takes to earn a medal, he responds to VG’s comment that he’s been fighting for half his life.

After World Cup October 2 to 10 was over. Then Stig-André Berge leaves. Five years after the decisive climax of his career, Olympic bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro, and 20 years after having participated for the first time in an international championship for adults, the European Championship in 2001. 29 years have passed since at the age of nine he saw Jon Rønningen break his second Olympic gold in Barcelona on television and decided I should go to the Olympics once.

– At the same time, it’s scary. I haven’t done anything else. I don’t know anything else than getting up in the morning and thinking “today I will be a better fighter”, says Stig-André Berge – like a couple of weeks ago the silver medal in the 63 kg category at the Nordic Championship in Danish Herning (better nation of Norway).

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When asked about where it hurts the most every day, it responds to shoulders, neck, back. But also, it hits the table, it has come loose easily. An elbow fracture that he considers his most serious injury. It took him 13 weeks to heal, but he was still practicing wrestling. With one arm. You need to fix a tight shoulder and nose to go to the bathroom, but you are not afraid of permanent injury.

– Yes, well …, it begins – before thinking about the most important thing at that moment.

– It takes a lot of me and those around me to try to be on the same level. Because I don’t bother to line up for a World Cup to be ready. I want to be one hundred percent ready and I have the ambition to fight for a higher position. It doesn’t make sense to do it halfway, he says.

The objection, so to speak, is that these are two daily trainings where all the gunpowder is burned, and that spend more time recovering than before. And that she now has two young children, a son of three and a daughter born this summer, who demands that her energy level be a little high and jumping.

GREATEST MOMENT: Stig-André Berge celebrates his bronze medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics five years ago.

– I don’t have that, he admits considering the need for energy at home.

– I sleep an hour and a half in the middle of the day and I’m completely exhausted, and then I have to go back to training, he says.

– Do you have a bad conscience?

– I have a very bad conscience, answers Stig-André Berge.

Therefore, 38 years old, he trains as if he were world champion in October. This means that every time he is training he does it one hundred percent. Or it’s not worth it. Are tired and fatigued wife Rosell Utne Berge (31) it’s because she has to take care of the children.

AGREEMENT: Rossel Utne Berge and her husband Stig-André Berge have agreed that the latter will have priority until the last World Cup match on 10 October.

– But she and I agree that we want this, he emphasizes.

He says he does not really know what daily life will be like as of Monday, October 11. Emotional. What happens to a job, you know. Train with director of the national team Fritz Aanes, in addition to many requests for one thing and another. He also believes that throughout his life he has been given “tools” that will enable him to mentally face the challenges that await him.

– I think I should quickly set new goals for myself. I want to run the New York City Marathon. But I should probably turn around, from “now we won’t be there for you” (him), now we will focus on others. Against practitioners to help them make their dreams come true, and my children right away, he says.

He adds that there is no doubt that he has a lot of energy if he has to find a way out – physical – for it after the job that breaks at the highest international level ends abruptly. You need to train gradually and plan daily training.

– If you sit on the sofa, the energy disappears. Then eventually you will get lazy. The garage will remain as is. There will be no car in it, he claims. The garage of the family house in Rælingen is equipped with first-class fitness equipment.

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