Wednesday, October 20

– The pain and longing are indescribably great.

The widow of Danish cyclist Chris Anker Sørensen (37) is now expressing her feelings in words after Saturday’s tragedy.

TRAGEDY: Michelle Moestrup Sørensen lost her husband Chris Anker Sørensen on Saturday. Here the two are photographed in connection with a gala on Danish TV 2.

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Anker Sørensen, who resigned in 2018, has worked as an expert for Danish TV 2 in recent years and was in Belgium in connection with the World Cycling Championships. During a training trip on Saturday, he was hit by a car and died of his injuries.

Michelle Moestrup Sørensen, widow of Chris Anker Sørensen, states in a press release to the Danish media:

– It was a completely incomprehensible shock that hit our entire family when my husband, Chris Anker Sørensen, died on Saturday in a senseless car accident in Belgium.

– The pain and longing is indescribably great, and nothing can alleviate the great process we are going through now, says Michelle Moestrup Sørensen.

She is grateful for all the support that she and her family have received since her death.

– All the beautiful words about Chris that now flow from near and far, warm us up and help a lot in a terribly difficult time.

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– He has moved and excited many with his cycling, his stories and his warm and beautiful nature. It is clear that he has made a difference and has burned himself into the conscience of many people, she says in the message, reproduced by among others. Additional bladet.

– He was a wonderful guy. It is incomprehensible and incomprehensible. I only have good thoughts and good things to say about Chris. It is deeply tragic. Words become superfluous, Dag Otto Lauritzen told VG.

Chris Anker Sørensen also leaves behind two daughters, who also send their kind thoughts to the person who has supported them in recent days.

– In this way, I and our two girls would like to thank the great love and warmth that we feel from all over the country at this time. Many have shared their stories and experiences with Chris. We are happy about that.

– I can not understand at all the idea that I will not kiss my husband again, and that girls will never be able to hug the best father in the world, because he did.

– A wonderful father and a very dear husband, is the description of Michelle Moestrup Sørensen. Now ask for peace to process the pain.

Chris Anker Sørensen participated in 12 Grand Tour races and participated in the Tour de France five times. He cycled most of his career for Bjarne Riis’s Saxo Bank.

He would later become an expert on Danish TV 2 and managed to cover the Tour de France five times before a Belgian road trip cost him his life on Saturday. He had to walk the World Cup track to be well prepared to comment on the men’s time trial the next day.

Near Zeebrugge, he was hit by a pickup truck and died from his injuries.

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