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This is how you think Brann has improved

Eirik Horneland sees improvements in various fields for a Brann team that he believes has become more mature.

Brann’s coach, Eirik Horneland, is satisfied with the development of the team and points out that the average of points from the last matches will be good enough to survive in the Eliteserien.


Tromsø: Coach Eirik Horneland is clear in his speech: Brann has become a better football team lately.

– There’s no question about that, says Horneland.

On the Ballspark broadcast after the 1-1 match in Tromsø, he explained why.

– We have a mature team. We have people in the right roles. We have a gang pulling the same rope. When we are in trouble, we manage to recover, says Horneland.

Now there have been four points in the last two games, which have even been played away.

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Horneland Statistics

In the last five games, Brann has taken seven points. It is these battles in which Horneland has led Brann and, as Haugesunderen himself points out, the results are 1.4 points on average. If he continues, Brann will almost certainly score enough points to survive.

Horneland has more positives to come.

– I think we are starting to see trends towards a good passing and combination game, he says.

Eirik Horneland is satisfied with the development of Branns.

The coach also believes, like many coaches before him, that the Brann team is now better trained than its opponents. Horneland also sees a structural improvement.

– Players work based on the desired organization and rhythm at all times. They push each other and manage to stay together the entire way, says Horneland.

It may not have much value, but if you do a “Horneland table” on the Eliteserien in matches, he has been the boss in the Stadium: only six teams have done better.

Horneland joined Brann as Kåre Ingebrigtsen’s assistant coach just over a year ago.

Clearly Knudsen

Fredrik Pallesen Knudsen received two yellow cards against Tromsø and had to leave the field when the match was at its peak. After gaining control of his nerves, breathing, and scoring, he also spoke about Branns’ development.

– And I can promise you one thing: we will improve during the season, says Knudsen.

The Møhlenpris midfielder has previously owned Horneland, who coaches both in Haugesund and in development teams and enjoys working with Brann’s coach.

Fredrik Pallesen Knudsen received two yellow cards against Tromsø, lost the final minutes and lost the next match.

Knudsen says “he just knows” when asked why Brann wants to improve.

– We have a plan with everything we do, thinks Knudsen.

– It is a clear force to return to the games, something we have already done in two games in a row. It shows that we are better than we have been, believes Knudsen.

– Like Horneland said in the locker room.

It also reveals that strong Horneland took over the development of points in the locker room.

– It’s like Horneland said in the locker room. We have accumulated seven points in the last five games. It’s as much as the rest of the season, says Knudsen, and he’s absolutely right.

With 14 points, Brann has as many as Mjøndalen, one more than Stabæk and two less than Tromsø. Apparently, these teams will fight to avoid the qualifying place and the two direct relegation places.

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