Wednesday, October 27

Two people stabbed at the Bergen shipping office

Armed police arrested one person after two people were stabbed at a Nav office in Bergen.

Armed police in front of Nav’s office in Bergem on Monday morning.

An armed police operation was launched after the West Police District received a report of a stabbing at Nav Årstad in Danmarksplass in Bergen at 10:02.

Police said in a press release Friday morning that two people were found stabbed at the scene. These were taken to Haukeland University Hospital. The extent of the damage is unknown.

“At 10:02, the police were notified of the stabbing in Nav Årstad. One perpetrator has been inside. He stabbed two people. One perpetrator was arrested shortly after we arrived at the scene,” the police write.

Nav: Confirm the police action

The police defined the incident as a PLIVO incident (continuous violence that threatens life). Police arrived at the scene shortly after, and the area was quickly cordoned off.

Birgitte B. Lygre, a senior communications consultant at Nav Vestland, told BT before the police press release that there had been “an episode” at Nav’s office.

– We do not know exactly what has happened, but the management is in place in the office and is trying to get an overview of the situation and, not least, control the employees, said Lygre.

– Has any employee been injured?

– We don’t have a general description of that. We are working to get an overview of the situation.

On Monday morning, there are a lot of emergency services outside the Nav office. according to Bergensavisen There have been at least 15 ambulances, police cars and fire trucks at the scene.

Police: it happened on the second or third floor

For BT Task leader Synnøve Malkenes won’t say anything if Nav employees have been stabbed.

– Two people were taken to Haukeland hospital and we arrested a perpetrator. We have rudely searched the building and found no more injuries or perpetrators. We are now in the process of fine-tuning, she says.

Malkenes says the attack must have taken place on the second or third floor of the Nav building.

– We can’t say anything about how hurt people are. We are awaiting feedback from Haukeland Hospital.

Witnesses tell the newspaper that the wounded were taken out of the building on a stretcher.

For Bergensavisen Malkenes says that the police have made a rough search of the building without finding more injuries.

– Now we do a good search of the building, which is locked. According to the information we have now, two people have been stabbed and one perpetrator has been arrested, Malkenes says.

The perpetrator is in talks with the police.

– We do not know if it was an attack directed at specific people or if it was accidental. We know that other employees were present and we have control over everyone who was inside the building at the time this happened. They are collected and cared for by health on the spot, says Malkenes.

Police attorney Arne Fjellstad in the admitted Felles criminal case said Bergensavisen at 11 am the operational work had not been completed on the site.

– This appears to be a serious incident. We have many ongoing resources, both operational, forensic and investigative, Fjellstad tells the newspaper.

On Monday morning, there are a lot of emergency services outside the Nav office. According to BA, there have been at least 15 ambulances, police cars and fire trucks at the scene.

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