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– now I am very happy

After a month of heart tests, Malin Aune (26) is ready for her new club in Romania. The national team player is very relieved.

EXPECTED: Malin Aune has had to wait for her debut at CSM Bucharest.

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– Now I am very happy that it worked, says Malin Aune to VG.

On Monday, the license to play games for CSM Bucharest finally came into order after the Vipers transfer. At the end of August, he did not pass the medical examination to be able to play.

– They sent me for new additional tests. It was related to the heart, he says.

Aune claims that it has undergone a series of tests in recent weeks.

– The doctors wanted to know that I am one hundred percent sure of playing handball. On Monday, it became clear that all the documents are in place. So now they declare me well ready for the games, she says and makes her debut with Cristina Neagu and the rest of her new team in the capital settlement against Rapid Bucharest.

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The goalkeeper of the national team is rejected by the club – disagrees about heart problems

You don’t want to delve any deeper into what it is specifically about.

– Exactly what it is about, I do not want to go deeper, says the right with 70 international matches for Norway. On Tuesday, she was eliminated for matches against Slovenia in October.

– Now it is safe for me to play handball, says the Trøndelag player.

VG has previously spoken about Emily Sando’s troubles in Germany. Her club, SG BBM Bietigheim, believe that the goalkeeper may have heart problems and that it is too risky to let her play more handball. They fear that something will happen to their heart.

Malin Aune has spoken with Sando.

– We have shared some experiences, she says.

– Of course, it’s very unfortunate for Emily. I’m glad the same isn’t happening to me. “I am very fond of her,” says Malin Aune, who last played with the goalkeeper at the European Championship last year.

Emilie Hegh Arntzen and her teammates have started the season with four games in the Champions League and the Romanian series. Malin Aune was not allowed to train with the team the first time, but has coached handball thoroughly for the past three weeks.

– I have not had any symptoms that something is wrong, says Aune, who has suspended nursing training in Romania.. At the beginning of the corona pandemic, he took another step in the hospital.

He has not played a significant game of handball since the Champions League final with the Vipers on May 30. At the Olympics, the girl from Trondheim was one of three Norwegian reserves who stayed at the camp in Fukuoka for three weeks.

– It has been a very long journey. I have trained, trained and trained. It has meant a lot for motivation to come to Romania and a new club in a new country. It has been refreshing. And now I can finally play too, says Malin Aune with a smile.

Now he expects a good autumn at his new club and a place in the Norwegian national team for the World Cup. The handball girls will play the world championships in Spain from December 3. Malin Aune has two European Championship gold medals from her four championships with Norway. But have the benefit of winning a medal at the World Cup or the Olympics.

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