Wednesday, October 27

– Everything was really ready

A cup bomb was in the air in Ågotnes before the start of the match, but Sarpsborg 08 made sure it did not explode.

– Today we were mercilessly punished, Øygarden coach Tommy Knarvik tells Bergens Tidende after Wednesday’s 0-5 loss to Sarpsborg 08.

The grass was damp and the weather sour. He was ready for a potential cup bomb.

– We were very clear and had watched the weather all day so everything was really convenient, but in the end we made it difficult, says Øygarden goalkeeper Borger Thomas after the 0-5 loss to Sarpsborg in the third cup round.

Despite the fact that it had rained all day in Sotra, the playing conditions were not decisive for the outcome of the match.

– We had a lot of faith that we could give them a good game, but today we have been punished without mercy. In terms of the game, there is not a big difference, but the difference is gigantic in front of the goal, explains Øygarden’s coach, Tommy Knarvik.

Borger Thomas had to get five balls out of the net on Wednesday night, but saved Kristian Fardal Opseth’s penalty in the first half.

– I was hoping you could turn the game around.

People had barely had time to sit in the stands before Sarpsborg scored at 57 seconds into the game, and it was 0-3 at halftime in Ågotnes.

Then Sarpsborg and Kristian Fardal Opseth got a penalty, but it was stopped by goalkeeper Borger Thomas, who hoped it could be a turning point in the match.

– I was hoping it could help turn the game around, and it would have been a lot of fun if it did, but it didn’t happen today, says the 26-year-old, who makes no secret that saving the shot was fun. from the 11-meter mark.

– I always carry penalties with me. It’s like scoring for a goalkeeper, that.

Knarvik praises his goalkeeper, despite conceding five goals in the cup match.

– Borger is a very good goalkeeper and I really hoped he could save the penalty. And it could have helped change the face of the game, but “it wasn’t meant to be,” says the head coach.

Kristian Fardal Opseth was allowed to do whatever he wanted and scored three goals in Ågotnes on Wednesday night.

– Sour to break

But in the end it was 0-5 at Ågotnes, which means there will be no cup adventure for Øygarden beyond the spring when the rest of the playoffs are played.

– The cup is a small carrot and we knew we had a chance today so it’s sad to burst. We’ll try again next year, says Øygarden’s Last Bastion.

Knarvik does not hide the fact that they were hoping to advance to the fourth round of the cup.

– We were hoping to advance to the fourth round, and that we could play in the cup this spring and use it as a carrot in the preseason, he says, continuing:

– But then it was probably how we were expected to leave today. I don’t like to lose to numbers as big as 0-5, and I was hoping we would be closer, but it was good to learn to take ourselves further, concludes Knarvik.

Hat-trick for Opseth

Anton Salétros put the visiting team ahead after 57 seconds, and in the middle of the first half Kristian Fardal Opseth put the ball between the legs of the last defender of the home team. Just over ten minutes later, the latter rose to 3-0 for the visiting team.

Just before the break, the visiting team got a penalty and a chance to increase to 4-0, but Borger Thomas got it right and avoided the goal against.

But ten minutes after the second half, Opseth got his hat-trick when he passed the ball over Thomas and into the goal.

And if that wasn’t enough, Ole-Jørgen Halvorsen put the ball into the goal three minutes later.

Øygarden was thus down 0-5 before the time was played in Ågotnes, and never managed to get back into the game. Hence, Tommy Knarvik and co. Put the dream mug on ice until next year.

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