Wednesday, October 20

Simba-samba sent Brann in the cup

Brann didn’t conjure, but a few seconds of Moonga Simba’s simsalabim in Harstad was enough.

Moonga Simba was in charge of the show when Brann beat Harstad. Sivert Heltne Nilsen (left) pointed to the Kaeralenses and Aune Heggebø came to congratulate.


Harstad: Moong Simba (21) created the first and scored the second goal.

He gave Brann a resting pulse before the cup match against little Harstad got really nasty.

– Simba was Brann’s best player. In the first instance, he made a decisive contribution. Moonga Simba knocks on the door for a spot on this team, says BT commentator Anders Pamer.

– In any case, it shows that he deserves to be a kind of first substitute, adds Pamer about the young Swede.

Simba has played little in the series, but did play in the cup match against Harstad.

Double Heggebø

Simba’s show that made it 2-0 was welcome. Brann had an unofficial NM on a loss of opportunity before the break. Only once, when Simba did “everything” before Mathias Rasmussen fired, did they score.

– Fantastic preparation, it was Pamer’s failure after 1-0.

There would be many more goals. Aune Heggebø scored both 3-0 and 4-0. Simba was also penultimate in the fourth goal.

If you look at the cup and the series together, Heggebø has now surpassed the sold-out Daouda Bamba as Brann’s top scorer this year. The cup double adds to Heggebø’s five league goals.

When the Bergen native scored the goal of the day, rookie Vajebah Sakor came in from the bench and scored it 5-0 at Brann.

Aune Heggebø continues to score goals. Against Harstad, more came.

Exotic cup match

Thus, the result was finally acceptable against a team of level five.

In fact, Harstad is the only team from the 4th division to have reached the 3rd round of the cup. For the first time, there was a draw for matches this early in the cup and it sent Brann to northern Norway for the second time in four days.

Vajebah Sakor debuted for Brann with a goal.

“Æ e nordlending æ” was spat out over the loudspeakers as he prepared for battle. A guy was fighting to maintain control of a giant Harstad flag in the explosion. And Runar Normann, 43, wandered across the artificial turf to meet former club Brann.

Fire after Mathias Rasmussen’s 1-0 score.

Normann’s comeback meeting

Normann plays as an assistant coach in Harstad. Eighteen years ago he was controversial as a Brann player and after five games Normann got enough in Bergen.

– Runar is one of the best-trained players we have, says Harstad coach Rune Olsen.

– He is 100 percent professional and says he cannot work because he has to take care of his body.

Do you remember Runar Normann (left)? He was committed like old times when he met the old Brann club.

Before the game, the Harstad boss announced himself excited by Runar Normann’s level of ignition.

– None of the others are nervous, but Runar is nervous, said the coach about his assistant game.

Brann’s players lined up but scored only once before the break.
One of the most demanding jobs of the night was keeping control of the Harstad flag in the wind.

A quarter of an hour after the start of the game, the nerves seemed to be awake, because then Normann hit the tunnel on Simba in his own 16 meters.

Harstad’s grandfather and gang started the fight fearlessly. They provided a corner. On the Brann Captain Daniel Pedersen collided with one in yellow and stayed for a while. A little later, David Møller gave Wolfe a chance as a gift to the home team, but goalkeeper Lennart Grill was working.

Cozy drink atmosphere in the north.
Mathias Rasmussen had several gigantic chances before the break. Here he does not seem to believe what he has seen and done.

At the opposite extreme, Mathias Rasmussen committed perhaps the most expensive opportunity boom of the year.

– It reminded me of Erik Huseklepp’s boom against Aalesund in 2007, said Eduardo “Doddo” Andersen on the Ballspark broadcast.

Even just before the break, Rasmussen was out of luck. Niklas Jensen Wassberg danced in a nice way, he found Rasmussen, but the Harstad goalkeeper was good and got in the way.

In the second half, it was much worse for the underdog to get in the way. Brann is ready for the fourth round and halfway to Ullevaal.

Now the battle against relegation in the series awaits again. Kristiansund arrives at the stadium on Sunday.

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