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Join us in investing in waterfront home in Kristiansand

Tom Christian Bredesen, CEO of Skeie Eiendom, in the area where the Amalienborg Brygge apartment project is being built.

Tom Christian Bredesen, CEO of Skeie Eiendom, in the area where the Amalienborg Brygge apartment project is being built.

Near the Vågsbygd promenade, the sustainable housing project Amalienborg Brygge is under construction, with its own promenade and toilet.

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– This area has many advantages that we must take good care of, says Tom Christian Bredesen, CEO of Skeie Eiendom.

He talks about the investment in climate-certified apartments Amalienborg Brygge, a new housing project with 50 apartments near the sea in the first phase of construction on the Lumber pier in Vågsbygd.

With a great view of the sea and the skerries, as well as a short walk to the pier, boat mooring and marina, the apartment project is described as “Sørlandets indrefilet”.

– Ready to move in in May

37 of the 50 apartments from the first construction phase have already been sold.

Bredesen further says that 37 of the 50 apartments for the first construction phase have already been sold. With others, there is a great interest in living idyllically, near the Vågsbygd promenade.

– We are very happy with the sale so far. Interest has been very high, so this bodes well for Amalienborg Brygge, says a satisfied Bredesen.

The first phase of construction, which will consist of three apartment buildings with a total of 50 apartments, will be ready for occupancy on May 15, 2022.

This construction phase will also include a separate hotel room for guests, as well as a living room. By the move-in date, a developed shoreline, bathing facilities, sand volleyball court, and playgrounds will also be completed.

Click here for an overview of the apartments available for the first phase of construction!

A sustainable living environment

Creating a good living environment while caring for the environment is important to the developer and owner of Lumber. Something that is exemplified in the immediate area with Amalienborgsparken, a nearby rehabilitated park with historical vegetation from the time of Kirsten Flagstad.

The Amalienborg Brygge waterfront will feature beautiful bathing facilities and natural stone walls.

Amalienborg Brygge is among the first housing projects in Sørlandet to be built according to the strict BREEAM environmental standard. Characterized by the use of climate-friendly and non-toxic materials, the reduction of waste volumes and the use of energy-friendly solutions with sensitive land use.

– The result should be a healthy, efficient and sustainable living environment, says Bredesen.

This also applies to the Amalienborg Brygge waterfront, which will be one of the many attractions in the area.

– The boardwalk will be very special: the entire landfill will be a “splash zone” and a bathing area where residents and guests can wade or swim. It will be a great visual expression on the boardwalk, with a natural stone wall facing the coastal path, says Bredesen.

The Amalienborg Brygge Apartment Project: – This Will Be Southern Steak Sirloin

See photos of the construction process:

The bathroom facility will be set up here.

Good reasons to choose Amalienborg Brygge

The bathing facilities and the promenade are just one of the many reasons that make Amalienborg Brygge an attractive housing project.

Click on the series of images below to see illustrations of the first phase of construction:

Here are several good reasons to choose Amalienborg Brygge:

  • Near the sea.
  • Climate-certified homes.
  • Elegant and modern apartments with good solutions.
  • Own marina and jetty.
  • Views of the skerries: Odderøya, Bragdøya and more.
  • A safe and pleasant place for children to grow up.
  • Several shops, schools and a shopping center nearby.
  • Near the center with car and boat.
  • Own sandy beach and beach volleyball court.
  • A number of other facilities in the common area, such as hotel guest rooms.
  • Hiking opportunities nearby, such as a boat to Bragdøya.

Click here to read more about the climate certified houses in Amalienborg Brygge.

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