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September 24 is a new anniversary – E24

Tromsø hotels, nightclubs and cultural life rejoice at the full reopening and promise a party starting Saturday at 4pm

LOOKING FORWARD: Hotel manager Ida Kristine Jakobsen at The Edge (left), pub owner Harry Granås (top right), General Manager Pål Markussen at Blårock (bottom left), and Theater Director Beate Stang Aas hope the subway rule will be enforced. remote.

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– It is a completely indescribable intoxication of happiness. I am in the bathroom and I have cried and cried. Because I have hardly dared to hope. We have been living with this for a year and a half. So it’s completely indescribable, says director Ida Kristine Jakobsen at The Edge hotel in Tromsø.

Many leaders of Tromsø nightclubs, hotels and cultural institutions followed the government press conference on the crown. After health authorities advised to reopen the community late next week and remove the one meter distance requirement, expectations were high.

– At 12.30 I feel glued in front of the screen and I follow the press conference. The expectation is that the subway rule will be removed, Jakobsen told iTromsø just before the press conference started.

SURREALIST: Hotel manager at The Edge, Ida Kristina Jakobsen, says it’s surreal that society is finally moving toward full reopening

The Norwegian Directorate of Health and the NIPH stated on Friday morning that “based on a general assessment they believe that around the change of month of September / October it will be possible to soften most of the measures and move to a normal daily life with a more preparation “. Then it was up to the government to decide the exact time.

Full opening

– Dear all, today marks 561 days since we introduced the strictest measures in times of peace. Now is the time to open up. Tomorrow at 4 pm we will remove most of the restrictions, Prime Minister Erna Solberg said at the press conference.

– After a thorough evaluation, we went to a normal daily life on Saturday at 4 in the afternoon, he continued.

At the Blårock nightclub in Tromsø city center, the bar’s manager and president, Edd Sivertsen, enthusiastically followed the press conference, where the government presented plans to reopen the society.

– This means everything to us. We have overcome the pandemic, but this makes everything much easier. Now we play DJs and dancefloor at full volume on Saturday, says Sivertsen.

– Now we let go of the subway and the silly rule of stopping at midnight. There’ll be a big rock roll on Saturday and a good old-fashioned blue rock party, he adds.

SATISFIED: Blårock Cafe Chairman of the Board Edd Sivertsen is happy that progress is being made towards reopening.

Last year, the tourism industry in Tromsø lost just over NOK 1 billion due to the failure of tourism and coronary restrictions. Jakobsen says the hotel has lost “staggering amounts” to the pandemic, but that bookings have risen sharply this summer and fall.

– We are completely dependent on the meter rule being removed in order to hold the concerts and lectures that have been booked. It has everything to say to get us back to normal conditions, says Jakobsen.

In order to hold all the meetings, conferences and concerts that are booked throughout the fall, the distance meter rule must be removed. And as of 4pm on Saturday, the one meter distance requirement has been removed, and the hotel can hold all conferences and concerts as expected.

– It feels completely surreal that he’s heading towards reopening. It’s hard to believe we’ll be released, says Jakobsen.

HALF-FULL: Hålogaland Theater theater director Beate Stang Aas says the theater has been in half-full rooms for a year and a half.

Hålogaland Teater has been performing on stage for a year and a half in less than half of the venues. The one meter distance rule meant that the theater had to reduce the number of audiences in its theaters by about 60 percent. In the largest hall, the capacity was reduced from 330 to 150 seats, while in the smallest stage, the capacity was reduced from 120 to 40 seats.

– This is incredible. We have lived with restrictions for 18 months, says director Beate Stang Aas at Tromsø’s Hålogaland Theater.

– We are happy to get the audience back. It has been a long time since we had a normal situation. We will work with the public to make them feel that it is safe to be here, because it is safe, he says.

Bars and nightclubs have lost large sums of money on bar stops and meter rules, and many are very relieved that the industry is finally moving towards more normal conditions.

CLOSED: Pub owner Harry Granås had to close nightclubs in Tromsø several times during the pandemic.

Harry Granås, co-owner of four of Tromsø’s most popular nightspots, including Tromsø Train Station and the Fun Pub, followed the press conference from the booth.

– This is great. Very happy. We will go back to where we were before the pandemic. That people can swing on the dance floor, that they can enter after midnight. Oh, we have been waiting for this for a long time. Very good news, says Granås.

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