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Goal match and total dispute over possible Sarpsborg penalties

DRAMMEN (VG) (Strømsgodset-Sarpsborg 08 5-0) Everyone agreed that it was a somewhat absurd football match when Strømsgodset beat Sarpsborg 08 5-0, but there are divergent assessments of two penalty situations.

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Both episodes took place in the 0-0 position, and both were in Sarpsborg’s favor.

Especially the situation where Mikkel Maigaard (26) was run over by Strømsgodset’s plug Ari Leifsson (23) creates a complete break.

– I think everyone who has seen them sees that there are two clear penalties. Everyone except the referees here, says Sarpsborg coach Lars Bohinen.

He only received a yellow card in the deadly first round at Marienlyst.

– Brutal. Going from not scoring two penalties to being below 3-0 is complicated, says the coach.

Mikkel Maigaard, who left Strømsgodset in favor of Sarpsborg 08 this summer, says the visiting team was misled by two penalties.

– I’m just exhausted, he says.

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Gustav Valsvik was full of adrenaline when he announced “Mikkel is not here. He films” Discovery + during the break.

– I was a little mad at my own team, so I shot a bit. When I saw it now, it’s taken, but I think Leifsson is just a man against a boy there, Valsvik tells VG.

– Maigaard gets up and is it almost impossible to stand there?

– Yes, he is unbalanced, and it is Leifsson who is somehow in control of the ball, so he hits it with his ass, replies Strømsgodset’s plug.

– Leifsson is not in control of the ball, he runs to get the ball, which one is free?

– As a defense, it is far from a penalty. It’s too cheap, says Valsvik.

He was more open to the fact that the first penalty situation, where Valsvik stopped an Anton Salétros shot with his arm, could be a penalty.

– It feels like I have my arm next to my body, but it’s hard to tell, consider.

Strømsgodset player Herman Stengel has a completely different opinion than his teammate.

– How many penalties should he have had against you in the first place?

– Two, says Stengel in cash to VG.

– Were you ready?

– I can say that if they had not punished me for them, they would have cursed me.

PLEASE: Gustav Valsvik applauds for scoring against Sarpsborg 08.

When the evening ended in Drammen, the score was 5-0 on the board. Energy goods gradually became superior.

– The game was wild, and that’s how we like it at Marienlyst. “We are riding the storm and it was great with a win here today,” Valsvik tells VG.

But the first half was nice: Sarpsborg’s first total dominance. So two possible Sarpsborg penalties that were missed. And then a 3-0 lead for Strømsgodset.

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Judge Espen Eskås is responsible for your choices.

– I consider them, as I have judged them, that there are two situations of “game”, says the judge, who emphasizes that he has not seen reruns of the situations.

– In the first, the hand was in position. In the second situation, I considered that Maigaard was already on the ground and that it was too easy to blow, says Eskås.

Discovery expert commentator Tor Ole Skullerud, on the other hand, believes Sarpsborg 08 has “every reason to feel cheated” in both situations.

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