Wednesday, October 20

– it’s a day of liberation

Karoline Ulateig, Marthe Sponberg Øien and Marit Nordseth rejoice when the clock strikes four.

Oslo celebrates the reopening. The city fills with people when the clock strikes four. At Youngstorget it is celebrated with champagne.

Joy and boisterous crowd. It is the streets of Oslo on Saturday afternoon when the restrictions are finally lifted.

Outside the dining room in Torggata, a group of friends begin the countdown. Cheers erupt when the clock strikes four.

– It’s a day of liberation! It will be written in the history books, laughs Ida Sponberg Øien.

The island looks forward to the evening. She hasn’t been well in town, as she says, in a year and a half.

– It is going to be very fun! We’ll just go to a birthday party and then head out to town, he says.

– We will dance and we will not keep our distance.

Klaus Gretland (in yellow jacket) rotates his arms at the hit of four. The DJ hopes to open dance floors.

– Open the dance floor today

Klaus Gretland walks through the dining room beaming with joy. He smiles a lot when Aftenposten asks him why he is so happy.

– I’m a DJ, and today open the dance floor, he says.

– Tonight there will be intoxication of joy. It goes crazy playing for entire dance floors.

People have been good, he says. The pandemic has been going on for a long time.

– Now it’s really a bit difficult to know where the border is going. Can we squeeze? Can we touch? He laughs.

Friends Ketil Jansen, Rebecca Sophia Moe, Emily Harbakk, Lasse Lokøy and Thea Marie Gravdal celebrate at Youngstorget.

– It’s like May 17 again.

In Youngstorget, a group of friends have taken over the fountain, in the middle of the square, and are celebrating with roses, Norwegian flags and champagne.

Rebecca Sophia Moe has gathered people, bought champagne and is celebrating.

– It’s like May 17th again, scream.

Rebecca Sophia Moe serves champagne from the fountain at Youngstorget.

Moe pours champagne and waves the flag. She has planned the city.

– We don’t know exactly what’s going on tonight. The discos are open until three in the afternoon, but it is not certain that we can last that long.

Party in Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger

In Bergen, former mayor Trude Drevland was in his place at the Skau bar to cut the cordon and unofficially reopened Bergen when the clock struck 16. Here was the red carpet and of course the bow corps, he writes Bergens Tidende.

In Stavanger, there was a reopening party complete with a dance floor on the cobblestones in Fargegata, a concert and fireworks in Torget, and a party in Tou Scene, he writes Aftenbladet.

The people of Trøndelag are also ready for a party. The manager of the restaurant Amanda Selven in San Sebastián tells Adressa that she is looking forward to it.

– We have been waiting for this for a long time, and we can finally double the number of guests in the room. Guests don’t have to take care of them, and they can just have fun. Now we are ready for a wild night, he says.

But the pandemic is not over yet

However, the pandemic is not over. Despite the relief, there is still a requirement that you isolate yourself if you have COVID-19.

People with symptoms of a respiratory infection should be tested. This also applies to vaccinated people.

For those who are going to travel to Norway, there are still restrictions. The entry restrictions of the EU / Schengen, Great Britain and the so-called purple countries are disappearing, but from some countries outside the EU entry into the country is still not allowed.

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