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Hoelgaard made his lvis career in WC: – Proud, but disappointed

LEUVEN / OSLO (VG) Alexander Kristoff (34) never managed to get involved in the close match in the WC. Instead, Markus Hoelgaard (26) showed why he can become Norway’s new cycling star.

GOLD: Julian Alaphilippe cheers for World Cup gold.

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He was the only Norwegian to take part in the gold match when Julian Alaphilippe (29) defended the World Cup gold in Belgium.

– I am very proud and happy with the way I drove, until that group left at the end. I felt like my opportunity was slipping at that moment. The hope was to fight for a top five position. He had the legs for that, Hoelgaard tells VG in Leuven.

– Did you seem to have more to go on?

– Yeah. When they left, it got a little tactical. I was a bit hesitant. It’s disappointing, says the Uno X driver.

Hoelgaard will race for the great Trek-Segafredo team next season. They are located at the highest level of cycling, the World Tour.

After a tough ride, a group of 17 cyclists entered the destination city of Leuven for the last two laps. Towards the end of the penultimate round, Julian attacked Alaphilippe and quickly got a good hatch.

The Frenchman, who also won the joint World Cup start in 2020, stayed away in the final round and achieved his second World Cup gold. Thus, in Australia next year he will have the opportunity to do like Peter Sagan, who won the joint World Cup exit three years in a row from 2015 to 2017.

In the battle for the other medals, a group of four runners got away, and in the race, Dutchman Dylan van Baarle won silver just ahead of Dane Michael Valgren.

IMPRESSED: Markus Hoelgaard cycled to a top position in the men’s WC joint start. Before the 2022 season, Rogalendingen has signed for the American team WorldTour Trek-Segafredo.

Hoelgaard tried to collide with the group on the last lap but never made a full recovery and was picked up by several drivers again towards the end. The Norwegian finished in twelfth place, 1.18 behind Alaphilippe.

– I’m happy with a lot, but I’m a bit disappointed not to be with that group. There are groups that I try to find, but I was a bit hesitant when they left. It was a golden opportunity to be in the top five. I’m proud of what I do today, Hoelgaard tells TV 2 after the race. Hoelgaard became number seven in the European Championship two weeks ago.

Alexander Kristoff won the sprint for 21st, 6.27 behind Alaphilippe.

When asked if he was disappointed, Kristoff relies on the answer.

– Yes, a little, but actually I was in the group I was hoping to sit in. I was hoping it was a bit more of a reunion, but now everyone was happy when the best of them came out, Kristoff tells TV 2.

PACKED BACK: Alexander Kristoff was sitting on the field when the other favorites attacked with just sixty miles to play.

Alexander Kristoff (34) was named leader of the Norwegian national team during the joint outing of the men’s World Cup in Belgium. The Norwegian had been in the top eight in the last five joint World Cup starts he had run, with silver at home in Bergen in 2017 as his best result, before Sunday’s race.

Rogalendingen has had a turbulent season, but has shown signs of moving up to the World Cup. However, there was another rogalending that was going to play the lead role on Sunday.

Already 180 kilometers from the end, the first attacks came from the big teams. Norway was represented by Markus Hoelgaard in that group, and Rasmus Tiller in a dangerous new break that left with nine miles to play. Tiller had to drop the group with 66 kilometers remaining, and with just under 60 kilometers remaining, the big favorites set the pace on the cobbled Bekestraat. At the top, Hoelgaard made his way to the group and thus obtained a ticket to the gold match, where Julian Alaphilippe proved to be the strongest.

ACTIVE ON THE ROAD: Markus Hoelgaard (yellow helmet) was involved in a hiatus at an early stage during the joint WC outing.

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