Wednesday, October 20

– I was deep inside

Petter Strand tipped the vital match against Kristiansund the right way for Brann. And then it boiled in the Stadium.

This team has taken seven points in three games and before many more spectators than in a long time there was applause.


Brann Stadium: – It was deep inside, says Brann’s coach, Eirik Horneland.

It was a draw. But that was before Petter Strand took a free kick, before Moonga Simba faked and Mathias Rasmussen was in the right place.

– It tasted very good. All points are extremely important now, says Sivert Heltne Nilsen, who was named Brann’s best player in the deal.

Strand’s free kick crept up to 2-1 and the party atmosphere. Rasmussen finished 3-1 and ironic shouts for league gold from jubilant fans.

– Never before has there been so much goose bumps in the Stadium, says Eduardo “Doddo” Andersen.

Horneland believes the substitutes brought to life what eventually became a somewhat awkward Brann squad.

– It seemed a bit drained and flat before the break, but then the changes made us strong in the second half. We show that we have a very strong squad, says Brann’s coach.

Three goals and three points and a good atmosphere.

– Extremely important victory

The fact that several of Brann’s competitors in the battle to avoid relegation won their matches meant that the significance of Sunday’s victory was further strengthened.

– A victory of enormous importance. Considering that both Tromsø and Stabæk won, and considering their confidence in their own team. After so much adversity, they now have seven points from three games, says Ballspark expert Erik Huseklepp.

The efforts of the fire players in Sunday’s win over KBK are praised.

– They ran their socks through Bergen. Then they ran, fought and fought inside the fir forest. They’re not that good, but they earn three points, he says.

– It is a completely transformed team that we have seen the last three games. Now there is hope, says Huseklepp.

Store Stå has been moved from the bottom to the top of the rostrum for singing fans. The most eager ones delivered a loud noise and this birthday greeting to Brann.

– We have not seen anything sicker

Long before good Brann ended, the drama began in spectacular fashion.

– Have you ever seen a more absurd goal? Erik Huseklepp exclaimed when Brann went up 1-0.

Brann started the game better, and the pressure was counted for just under twenty minutes into the game. And the score made the audience almost laugh.

  • KBK goalkeeper Sean McDermott stopped Aune Heggebø’s header.
  • The comeback was for Heggebø, who threw the ball directly at McDermott from a short distance.
  • As if the opportunity couldn’t be greater, the ball landed on Petter Strand. From five meters and an open goal, he put the ball on the post.
  • And to end the sequence, Dan Peter Ulvestad kicked the ball into his own goal awkwardly. 1-0 for Brann.

– We have not seen anything sicker than what I see now at Brann Stadium, commented Eurosport expert Joacim Jonsson when he saw the 1-0.

Robert Taylor and Brann battled the top Kristiansund team.

– That one will not enter

But Brann’s party stopped just before the first 45 minutes were up. Liridon Kalludra struck from the left towards the Moses Mawa spearhead.

Japhet Sery Larsen, who has impressed Brann’s central defense in recent games, tried to clear the post, but the 21-year-old ended up controlling the ball in his own goal.

– Brann has completely lost control of the game. It’s disappointing after the good start they got, Eduardo “Doddo” Andersen wrote in BT Live Chat.

– Incredibly good atmosphere

But the two goals prior to the end of the game turned it into a party and anniversary night at the Stadium.

The last time so many spectators were allowed in the Stadium was in 2019. The joy among the more than 8,000 who showed up was palpable.

– Now there is an incredibly good atmosphere in the stadium, Doddo wrote in BT Live Chat a bit out of the fight.

In addition, the club celebrated its 113th anniversary. The occasion was great. And Brann obeyed.

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