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SV has not decided when members will vote on a possible governance platform

HURDALSSJØEN / OSLO (Aftenposten): The right of SV members to turn their thumbs up or down in front of any government platform creates headaches. SV itself doesn’t have all the details in place.

A lot happens behind closed doors at this Hurdalssjøen hotel. Also important is what SV members Sigve Fredriksen (19) and Anne Sofie Johnsrud (18) think about what comes to mind.

If a government platform emerges from what so far have been polls between the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Socialist People’s Party in Hurdal, the rank and file of the Socialist People’s Party will have a say in it. This will take the form of a referendum among the members. With that, SV wants to show that it counts to be a member of a political party and that members have influence.

– I don’t see unnatural to ask the members. Why should SV sit in a government where the members don’t want to sit? We are all part of democracy and it must work in practice, says Sigve Fredriksen (19).

Aftenposten meets him and Anne Sofie Johnsrud (18) outside the hotel where the leaders of the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Socialist People’s Party are meeting. The two young politicians are on the SU county board in Viken and active in SV. They are happy to put a finger in the game if SV joins the government.

Survey before or after publication?

If actual government negotiations are started and then a government platform, Sigve Fredriksen, Anne Sofie Johnsrud and approx. Another 16,500 SV members four days to read the platform. Then they should get acquainted with the result, talk together.

Everyone who has been a member of the party for more than a week before the election will receive one vote. Voting will take place digitally.

But one detail, which may be important to many, SV cannot answer:

– When will the platform be sent to SV members? Before it is published, or after the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Socialist People’s Party have jointly presented it?

– We don’t have a decision on this. It depends a bit on how others do it, says SV party secretary Audun Herning.

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SV has become a power factor and will use power regardless of whether the party enters the government or not.

Risk of leaks or twists

There are challenges associated with both times. If the bases in SV get the platform from the government before it is presented, there is a high probability that all the content will be leaked.

– If you send it to 16,500, the risk is there. But like I said, we don’t have a decision on that, Herning says.

– If the platform is published first, is there a risk that you will become a victim of all possible organizations that can twist and turn against what SV has been involved in the negotiation? Are you afraid of him?

– No, answers Herning.

He justifies it with the fact that he remembers the enthusiasm “that was in Soria Moria”, where the first red-green platform was presented. He points out that when the platform is introduced, it will be clear to everyone what it contains. He adds that many in the SV environment will also participate in the debate on the agreement.

The weather may incline the voice towards no

The two SU politicians believe that Audun Lysbakken will have a clear impact if a government platform is presented.

– It’s very exciting to follow, says Johnsrud.

– What does it take for you two to vote no to a government platform if there is a vote?

– If you do not propose that we should reduce climate emissions sufficiently as the UN says, I think I will be skeptical of a government collaboration. I’ll probably lean in, says Johnsrud.

Johnsrud also believes that a good policy to level the differences will be important. Fredriksen is concerned about transportation, that he, as a young man, should have good public transportation service and that the railroad should not be privatized further.

– I will probably vote against a plan if I cannot get the feeling that this is a project in which we are listened to, says Fredriksen.

Also problematized in SV

Not least in the Popular Socialist Party, there is great skepticism about this form of party democracy. But also in Labor circles.

– We would never have chosen such a solution, Mette Nord, the union leader recently told Aftenposten. She sits on the central board of the Labor Party and noted that the Labor Party has confidence that “those who are elected to leadership positions can make those decisions.”

– That’s why you have a central government and a national government. It’s a natural setting for that kind of decision, he said.

The process is also problematized by some in SV.

“The most important decision for the party in the 2020s will be made without the need to familiarize yourself with the matter,” writes SV member and deputy mayor Kjartan Haugsnes in a discussion post on Trønder debate.

– Is there a possibility that the SV national government this weekend can say that the party can withdraw the referendum?

– There has been no question, says party secretary Audun Herning.

Audun Lysbakken recalls that SV’s decision on a referendum was taken at the party’s national meeting.

Lysbakken has previously said that he feels confident that he knows the party well enough to know where they want to go. But it depends on the party behind it. That is why he wants a referendum.

Remember that the decision on this vote was taken at the party’s national meeting.

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