Wednesday, October 27

– Wait for people to park the bus

(Bodø / Glimt – Vålerenga 1–0) Erik Botheim got tired of the stabbing and Bodø / Glimt managed a three-point difference from Molde.

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Ulrik Saltnes moved forward in a characteristic fashion, dancing towards the dead line and leveraging the ball in front of goal in the 80th minute.

Erik Botheim of Kringsjå north of Oslo was in the right place and finally landed a niche in the boiling point for Vålerenga of Oslo east, after an unrivaled power play throughout the second half.

– I think it is deserved, we hope that people will lie down and park the bus. In the end, it cracks, says the boy Lyn Botheim to Discovery +.

Thus, Bodø / Glimt achieved a large difference of three points with Molde at the top of the table, after romsdalingenes aims defeat against Viking in round 18. So the Northerners are in the driver’s seat defending last year’s historic league gold, even though key players such as Kasper Junker, Jens Petter Hauge and Philip Zinckernagel have left the club since then.

– Clear punishment

For a long time, however, it seemed that Sondre Brunstad Fet’s justified call to punishment would be the big talk about Aspmyra. Ulrik Saltnes played bold and was apparently taken over by Vålerenga goalkeeper Kjetil Haug.

– For me, it is a clear punishment. He’s on his feet, it’s a clear penalty, says Sondre Brunstad Fet to Discovery + after the first half.

THAT?! Sondre Brunstad Fet does not understand why she is not allowed to punish after a duel with Kjetil Haug. Amahl Pellegrino (left) is equally questioning, while Fredrik Oldrup Jensen and Tobias Christensen had no major protests against the game that was stirring.

There were no penalties, the Discovery + experts disagreed with Kristoffer Hagenes’ decision and the subsequent Amahl Pellegrino concert was blocked on the line.

– If it had been someone other than Brunstad Fet, it would have been a punishment, the captain of Vålerenga, Jonatan Tollås Nation, jokes about his lubrication partner.

Cross bar party

Both teams had a shot off the crossbar before the break: both Fredrik Bjørkan and Tobias Christensen had their respective cannon shots negated by aluminum. After the intermission, it was one way, Bodø / Glimt seemed like they were both one, two and three men at the helm.

– We don’t get that much. This is disappointing, says Vålerenga midfielder Fredrik Oldrup Jensen.

After an hour, Bjørkan combined wonderfully with Pellegrino, again he was denied by the crossbar. A few minutes later, Haug struggled to cope and was hardly able to prevent him from getting the ball into his own net, even though it resulted in a powerful collision with his teammate Tollås Nation.

Bottom line: Bodø / Glimt got loose, but incredibly kept guests away. Haug was, for the most part, what he couldn’t reach, it was just above, outside, or inside the metal. Even when an Elias Kristoffersen Hagen cannon had a sharp change in direction, Haug’s long arm was in the right place.

However, he had no chance of reaching Botheim’s decisive conclusion.

THE WALL OF OSLO: Kjetil Haug stopped almost everything Bodø / Glimt had to offer.

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