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A new report shows how young people in Oslo felt during the pandemic

The study shows that young people in Oslo, to a greater extent than the rest of the country, have been negatively affected by the pandemic.

New report: Young people in Oslo have experienced more loneliness and worry than others during the pandemic.

Most people may have noticed the main finding: young people in Norway are fine, even after 16 months with a crown.

But the pandemic has not gone unnoticed.

It has been worse for the young people of Oslo. Here, many have experienced the pandemic as demanding.

– Most believe that it has affected their lives in a negative way, explains Anders Bakken. He is one of the investigators behind the report. “Young man in Oslo”.

The survey itself was conducted this spring. At that time, children and young people had lived with the virus for more than a year in everyday life. In Oslo, the measures were more long-lasting and intrusive than in other parts of the country.

The aim of the study was to find out how young people here felt about leisure, health, family and background. Therefore, researchers at the NOVA Welfare Research Institute in Oslo Met asked the upper secondary school and upper secondary school students several questions.

Responses show that young people in Oslo to a greater extent than the rest of the country have been negatively affected by the pandemic.

But the numbers were significantly worse in the spring of 2020, that is, at the beginning of the pandemic. This may indicate that many have still managed to adjust to the situation, says Bakken.

Loneliness and worry

Researchers have also asked young people what specific consequences the pandemic has had on their lives.

– Some young people in Oslo experience more loneliness and have been sadder than before the pandemic, says Bakken.

The results also show that a higher proportion of young people have participated in fewer leisure activities. Many have also been more concerned than before. Young people in Oslo have also experienced more fights with the family compared to before.

Surprising: the youth of Oslo as satisfied as before

Positive things have also happened: many spent more time with their families. Several acquaintances about less stress.

Up to 68 percent of young people in Oslo and Norway believe that their lives have been positively affected by the corona pandemic.

What surprised the researchers the most?

That young people are, in general, reasonably satisfied despite the negative consequences of the pandemic. Bakken says so.

– I had a clear expectation of more results than we have found.

If you look at the historical data, the youth of Oslo are almost as satisfied with life as the rest of the youth in the country.

The corona study itself in 2020 showed alarming numbers, but now satisfaction has returned to the same level as before the pandemic occurred.

– To say that the pandemic had no effect is incorrect. It hasn’t gone unnoticed, but something has meant that there has nevertheless been a normalcy to this, says Bakken.

He believes that there are many who have been pushing for the pandemic to have had the fewest possible negative consequences for young people. Bakken refers to the school, parents, and voluntary organizations alike.

– This may be part of the story, and the reason we don’t see a bigger impact.

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Many young people are dissatisfied with life now: – They have to pay a high price, believes the researcher.

The social environment and the district have not been decisive in determining how negative the pandemic was experienced, but most of the positive experiences were in the east.

The conclusion?

– Young people are relatively well no matter where they live and are quite happy with the life they lead, sums up Bakken.

Must be followed

Rina Mariann Hansen (Labor Party) is Councilor for Labor, Integration and Social Services in Oslo.

She says they have cared more for young people in this and previous years.

Oslo Councilor for Labor, Integration and Social Services, Rina Mariann Hansen (Labor Party).

– We have had our own measures with the youth of Oslo in mind because we have known that this has been important and necessary.

We must continue with this, Hansen says.

– We must strengthen monitoring and services in schools, school health services, as well as low-threshold mental health services.

– How do you plan to do it?

– Much of this has been included in this year’s revised budget. Here it arises that we especially want to strengthen efforts in school, health services and leisure activities, such as sports.

It refers to the crown’s investment in municipal summer jobs as a concrete measure.

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– Much more than my wallet has changed. In fact, it has changed my life.

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