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Christian André Pettersen defended bronze at the Bocuse d’Or: – Mixed feelings

Christian André Pettersen in action during the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon on Sunday.

Christian André Pettersen from Bodø did the same two years ago and took the bronze medal at the Bocuse d’Or 2021. France took his eighth gold.

The Danish team finished between Norway and France and can take home the silver.

– That was good. You expected more, but that’s the competition. You take some risks and bet for the highest. They are mixed feelings. You expect gold, but we got on the podium and got a denomination, Pettersen tells TV 2.

In October of last year, Pettersen claimed his second consecutive gold at the Bocuse d’Or in Europe. The first gold of the European Championship came in 2018, while it was bronze in the previous World Cup in 2019. Now he gives up his second bronze in the World Cup.

– This was the «last dance». You can’t imagine it, it takes so much time and resources, he says.

The tasting is a must if you want to succeed in Bocuse d’Or.

– To win

The Norwegian team is led by Geir Skeie, who has experience as European champion and world champion in the competition.

– You are a little disappointed at the moment. You’re involved in winning, but it’s great to get on the podium every time, he tells TV 2.

Pettersen’s most important assistant, also called comis, is Even Sørum (23). A commission is a young talent under the age of 23 who is in the competition kitchen with the candidate and can participate and perform all operations during the competition. He also participated as a commissioner in the European final last year.

Takeaway food for the first time

Here’s the Japanese-style travel box in which the team of Norwegian chefs at Bocuse d’Or served the jury a three-course takeout menu.

The Norwegian team was on fire on Sunday as the first team. During Sunday and Monday, the other 20 participants have been in action.

All teams have made two different contributions. In addition to the classic dish, this year there was a new feature on the show. The plate was replaced by a three-course take out menu.

Take-out is included to reflect a tribute to how the industry coped with challenges during the corona pandemic, and will show how take-out can also be solved with world-class cuisine.

The chefs had to use fixed ingredients from Lyon. Tomatoes would be used in starters, main dishes, and desserts, while a piece of meat was selected for the dish.

Bollestad congratulates

Agriculture and Food Minister Olaug Bollestad (KrF) says she is proud of the Norwegian team:

– Christian André Pettersen has led a strong team through preparations and tough training for the competition, he says in a press release.

– I congratulate Pettersen and his team with the bronze, once again they have shown that Norway is on top of the world among cooks, says the Minister of Food.


Before the results of the main competition were revealed, four special prizes were awarded in Lyon. Among other things, Sweden received the award for the best take-out dish, while Iceland had the best dish.

The Bocuse d’Or was scheduled to take place in January this year, but had to be postponed twice due to the pandemic.

The contest was first organized in 1987 by French chef Paul Bocuse, after whom the contest is named. It is considered the world’s most prestigious competition in individual culinary arts, known as the Unofficial World Chefs Cup.

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