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Here, RBK’s golden hope seems to have been shattered. What happened after that?

June 25 was the atmosphere of the funeral. Since then, no one has scored more points than Rosenborg.

Seven wins: RBK has won seven of the last ten in the Elite Series.

After ten rounds of the series, they were about to get hooked a lot. Ten games later, five things are pointed out that have brought RBK to the top of the forms table.

June 25, Åråsen: The image of Alexander Tettey really says it all. The captain just led RBK to the club’s third consecutive loss. The distance to Molde is already nine points. And only ten games have been played.

– I became a father for the second time just now. This is almost at that level, acclaims LSK’s Pål-André Helland, as the Rosenborg players confidently walk into the locker room.

Triple drop: June 25, and Alexander Tettey must concede RBK’s third straight loss.

September 26. Lerkendal: Two-goal hero Stefano Vecchia gets the approval of Emil Konradsen Ceïde. They smile. Not surprising: ten league games after the swoon against LSK, Rosenborg is the most fit team in the series.

– “Marvelous”. Winning is the best there is, says Vecchia, who has now scored seven in the last five league games.

Jubelhaug: Stefano Vecchia scored, and then there will be a good atmosphere.

Blytung June

It was hardly the word “fight for gold” that was on the top of coach Åge Hareide’s forehead when he left Åråsen three months ago.

RBK had started the season well, but a strong June with three losses in a row provided critical voices in the east and west.

RBK followed up with a draw against Haugesund and Odd, and there was little indication of precious metals when Hareide proclaimed that he would step down as coach after the season.

23 points last ten

It is a choice that he still defends, even though today’s world looks quite different.
While the table after ten rounds showed nine points to Molde, RBK has followed with 23 points in the next ten.

It’s at the top of the Elite Series forms table.

That’s eight points more than what Molde has earned in the same period. There are also two more points than Bodø / Glimt has won. Therefore, the golden party is once again wide open.

Five reasons

Adresseavisen spoke with Åge Hareide about the transformation. And also one of those who follow Norwegian football most closely, Joacim Jonsson from Eurosport.
Together, they point out five reasons for the restructuring operation:

1) Injuries

– We haven’t really done a lot of new things in the field of training, says Hareide, when we spoke with him on Monday.

Before continuing:

– The June losses, however, came at a time when we were very upset about injuries. We lost Markus Henriksen, we lost Per Ciljan Skjelbred for long periods, we lost Stefano Vecchia. It was serious injuries for us, says Hareide, who then thinks of more than matches:

– Obviously it went beyond security in battle. But also beyond the number of players and the quality of training. Now Markus (Henriksen) is back, we have seen how Stefano (Vecchia) has delivered and Ciljan is back. Dino Islamovic will soon be ready again, Hareide says.

2) The match program in July

After a dark June, RBK on paper got easier resistance in the cup and early rounds of the electronic cup. Hareide won’t underestimate this:
– They were teams that we were going to beat, that we beat, and that gave us a good offensive training. I think that also helped us get back on the show. We became more confident, he says.

Watching the progress: Joacim Jonsson, Eurosport expert.

3 Time

Eurosport’s Joacim Jonsson was in a soccer studio when RBK beat Mjøndalen on Sunday. He thinks he sees a different rhythm in the team than in the spring.
– It’s a little more speed. A little more youthful enthusiasm. I’ve criticized RBK before for looking old, slow, and boring. During the summer, Rosenborg has become more dynamic, more Jonsson.

4) “Godfotteorien”

The Eurosport expert has predicted Molde as league champion in 2021. At the same time, he believes that Glimt plays the most impressive football at the moment. But he also believes that positive action has been taken in Trondheim.

– It was a loss for Viking, but the treback line worked well at Sarspborg. And individual players in general have been better utilized as of late, he says.

The Vecchia goal machine has been used, among other things, more as a “level” than as an advantage in recent matches.

– There’s a bit more good foot theory about what to do, Jonsson thinks.

Smørblid: After a tough June, arrows point up for Åge Hareide and RBK.

5) Victory begets victory

In addition, Hareide points to something that may seem obvious, but that the boss himself does not want to discount. That is, what a couple of wins in a row with a group of players do.

– You can say “that you learn” things by loss. But losing, both through collective and individual mistakes, generates uncertainty. Things are better fixed by winning, he says.

Has encountered weaker resistance

If you break down the numbers after 20 games, you will see that RBK “on paper” has faced teams that are on average lower at the table in the last ten games, than in the first ten.

RBK also clearly score more points against low-ranking teams than against the best.

Hareide, on the other hand, believes that the improving injury situation makes RBK more equipped to bounce back from the last ten games, than he thought in June.
– Absolutely. I’m also happy that we caught up with Bodø / Glimt in the number of goals scored this year (RBK have two more goals). This gives us good faith, he says, who knows that Molde (away) and Bodø / Glimt (at home) are on the run-up side of the season.

– We have six games before we arrive. They will be absolutely crucial, Hareide says.

– I love that it’s tight

Jonsson believes he will now be close to the top for a long time.

But that Glimt’s game schedule is getting too difficult.

And that Molde will enjoy the advantage of playing at home against RBK and Glimt towards the end.

– I love what is happening now, and for Norwegian football there is nothing better than Rosenborg at the top. But I’m a person who rarely commits to myself, and I’ve said that Molde all the time. And those home games can lean, Jonsson says.

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