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– The gold is going home. Have to

When Ingrid Marie Karlsen Spord returned to Norwegian football in 2018, she said the goal was golden with Sandviken. Now he is about to become a troll in words.

ON THE ROAD TO GOLD: Ingrid Marie Karlsen Spord raised her arms in glee after scoring 2-0 against Rosenborg at the Koteng Arena in July.

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– We are about to take the gold, of course. Now for us, it’s about honing to the end and getting the job done, it’s all in our hands, says Spord after Saturday’s 3-1 win over Kolbotn, which brought them to an incredible 40 of 42 points. possible after 14 rounds of the series. .

Spord returned to Norway from Italian Fiorentina in 2018, and it was clear he was coming to win gold with Sandviken. Three years later, the prophecy is being fulfilled.

– There is no doubt that we have an incredibly good team this year, better than Sandviken has had. The sum means we are where we are now, and you deserve it. Gold goes home. You have to, Spord says confidently.

She attributes the credit for Sandviken’s dominance to a long-term process, with the hard work of the entire club over a long period of time, and highlights team play as her greatest strength.

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Matches to come

Captain Tuva Hansen also doesn’t feel hurt to ask when asked why Sandviken has gotten so good.

– We are very focused on the game that is coming, it is the mentality that (coach Alexander) Straus has in the team and that is absolutely crucial. The next opponent is always the most important, we don’t talk about the table and we don’t bother, he says.

She claims to have checked the table “once in the summer” herself, and says that it is “a fat” for them what the table says, as long as they take the next step and overcome the next hurdle.

– It’s about the whole process: planning, coaching staff and many other factors determine that we are where we are now. There is no individual on our team, no one thinks they are much better than others. We’d rather have team players play for each other, says Hansen, noting that they’ve gotten there with much smaller budgets than, say, Vålerenga and Rosenborg, second-ranked.

CLOSE DUEL: Vålerenga, last year’s double winner, here represented by Elise Thorsnes (left) came up short against Sandviken (by Guro Bergsvand) at Intility in August. Sandviken also appears to snatch the title from the Oslo club.

– it is no more stupid

After just over a decade of dominance by LSK Women and last year’s double winner Vålerenga, the league championship is heading west again.

– The situation is clear to all. We are not dumber than we know where we are, we must continue with what we have done and not lose sight of the ball. There are many people around us who know how to point where we are, but that does not help us. We have proven time and time again that we are a good football team and there is nothing to suggest that that will change, says the aforementioned Straus.

– We have raised the list and we enter clearly. I have some references from international football, we have changed the style of play, but we are far from being trained. I am firmly convinced that we will be better in 2022 than this year, warns Straus.

LOTS TO CELEBRATE: Alexander Straus (center) celebrates a 2-0 win over Rosenborg Women at Koteng Arena on July 17.


On Sunday, Vålerenga won 2-1 over arch-rival LSK Women and therefore both teams are almost out of reach to catch up with Sandviken. That other clubs have more purchasing power is just something that triggers the people of Bergen, we must believe Straus.

– This goes in cycles, longer or shorter. Not only can positions be measured, Vålerenga knows that the competitors have improved and will be a serious candidate next year. It’s good for the rest of us, so they push us to improve, too, he says.

Former Vålerenga coach and current development manager Monica Knudsen says there is a “strong discussion” on how from He will fight back next season.

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