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He has returned to take out the Olympic gold plan

Håvard Lorentzen (28) has found the training program that led him to win Olympic gold in the 500 meters and Olympic silver in the 1000 meters in South Korea almost four years ago.

UNIQUE: Håvard Lorentzen (28) won gold in the 500 meters and silver in the 1000 meters at the Pyeongchang Olympics almost four years ago.

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– Yes, we have returned to what we did then, confirms Håvard Lorentzen.

Along with the rest of the full national team, he completed the first of three weeks in a training session in Inzell, just five months before the Beijing Olympics in February next year.

Lorentzen and the sprint team with Jeremy Wotherspoon as head will be in the German city of skating for three weeks, the off-roaders with, among others, Sverre Lunde Pedersen, Ragne wiklund and coach Bjarne Rykkje manages with two weeks.

– I hope they excite me a bit and compare us with the rest of the world elite who will also be there, says Håvard Lorentzen.

He says he has escaped illness and injury all summer, with the exception of dose two of the corona vaccine. It caused a fever for little more than a day.

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– Everything has gone as it should, he says.

That is to say, it has gone as it did since two years before the Pyeongchang Olympic Games began the training program that culminated successfully in February 2018.

It started with sprint coach Finn Halvorsen and continued with Jeremy Wotherspoon.

– The amount of training now is probably as great as the last Olympic season, says Håvard Lorentzen.

Long time in the skating position and more time on the exercise bike. That was the essence then, and that is what it is now. The intensity is also not as high as in the last two years, which is also in line with the run-up to the 2018 Olympics.

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Håvard Lorentzen, who capped the 2017/18 Olympic season by becoming world speed champion in China just after the Olympic success, notes that he he also did good races last season – but there was a bit of a difference when it came to the podium positions.

– I missed the rawness towards the end of the 500 meters. I couldn’t maintain my speed for the last 200 meters, he explains.

He will turn 29 at the beginning of October and he thinks it is “sick” that four years have passed since the last time the Olympics came by leaps and bounds. When asked if he still stretches a lot, which Wotherspoon thought he had to do when he took over as boss, he answered yes. You need it for the sake of ankle stability. In that sense, you need to build the skates under the heel so that you can sit more deeply against the ice.

– Do you notice that you have aged?

– Yes, I notice that the body needs to be warmed up more carefully. I feel it on my hips and back. The numbness lasts longer, I have felt it for the past two years after my hip injury, responds Håvard Lorentzen.

He believes that never, other than the dramatic and serious cut injury at Inzell just six years ago, has he suffered extreme injuries.

P.S! The interview with Lorentzen took place before leaving for Inzell.

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