Wednesday, October 20

New Roads will have to expand ten new sections

– It has shown that they can build faster and cheaper, says Transport Minister Knut Arild Hareide.

New Roads is already building a new E39 between Krisitansand and Mandal. Now the company has more to do.

Introducing the National Transport Plan 2022-2033 earlier this year, it was proposed to transfer ten new road sections from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to Nye Veier.

As one of the last things he does in the mail, Transport Minister Knut Arild Hareide has signed the agreement.

– New Roads has shown us that they can build roads faster and cheaper. Therefore, the government has decided that they will get ten new tranches. Now the contract with the company has been signed, so they have a lot to do in the next few years, Hareide says. in a press release.

Large road projects

The new roads take over several sections of the E6. Among other things between Otta and Dombås and Åsen and Steinkjer. See the data box for the full list.

In addition, the company will be responsible for the section Nedgård to Ulsberg as an extension of the E6 between Melhus and Ulsberg, on which the company is already working.

– Now the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Nye Veier will continue to talk together about the transfer. Then the work for Nye Veier begins with further planning of the projects. Among other things, they will seek the possibility of optimizing projects, that is, making them the best and cheapest possible, says Knut Arild Hareide.

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– Enough to do for everyone

Kjell Inge Davik is development manager for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, which is now “losing” these ten road sections:

– We are familiar with this, since it is included in the National Transportation Plan that was approved in June, and we accept what the government has proposed. What has been changed is something that is advanced and that now has nothing to do with our portfolio, says Davik.

– Our quota of roads to be built will be increased in the National Transportation Plan, so there will be a lot to do here for everyone in the future.

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Sverre Myrli is the Labor Party’s transport policy spokesperson.

– Not very offensive

New Roads was established by the Erna Solberg government in 2015 and is wholly owned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The task of the company is to plan, build, operate and maintain major major highways. The rivalry with the Norwegian Public Highway Administration has grown over the years from mutual curiosity and skepticism, through open competition, to fights.

Now Nye Veier has more to do.

– The government probably has the formalities on their side, but I wish they didn’t do it now. Everything indicates that Nye Veier has too large a portfolio in relation to the transfers they receive, says Sverre Myrli, the Labor Party’s transport policy spokesman.

Now he does not know if it may be relevant or possible to reverse some of the transfers.

– With current government policy, some of these projects will not be completed until 2041, that is, in 20 years. In any case, it is not particularly offensive.

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