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Requires an independent investigation from the crown in Oslo

The leader of the Conservative Party group in Oslo, Anne Haabeth Rygg, believes it is regrettable that a comprehensive assessment of Oslo’s work in fighting pandemics is not being conducted.

There is an urgent need to establish an independent crown commission in Oslo, according to a united political opposition in Oslo. They fear that the experiences of the crisis have already been forgotten.

  • Arnhild Aass Kristiansen


– The experiences and what you remember of a crisis are new. It’s easy to forget what you’ve noticed if it takes too long, Oslo Conservative municipal council group leader Anne Haabeth Rygg told Aftenposten.

While the number of infections in Oslo is declining and the reopening of the society is in full swing, a united opposition calls for an external crown commission to be established in Oslo. They want the commission to conduct a comprehensive assessment of how the municipality has handled the pandemic.

“We ask that this be established as soon as possible”, is stated in the proposal presented to the City Council.

The leaders of the groups of the Conservative Party, Liberal Party, Christian Democrats, Progress Party and Popular Action No a More Tolls (FNB) agree on the proposal. In hindsight, the Center Party has also backed him.

Anne Haabeth Rygg believes that Oslo should do what it did at the national level, where an external commission investigated the pandemic while it was still ongoing.

– Too narrow

It is true that Deloitte has carried out an external evaluation.

– But it only looked at how central crisis management worked in Oslo, says Rygg.

The city should go back to a comprehensive assessment, it was said when the Deloitte report was released. Posted on August 18. Almost a month and a half later, nothing has happened.

– I think it is a pity, says Rygg, who thinks that a more extensive evaluation should have been started for a long time. Now he fears the consequences.

– Important information may have been lost. Key personnel may have left. There may be things that didn’t work at first, but have been fixed. If this doesn’t find its way back to the planning system, mistakes will repeat themselves in the next crisis, Rygg says.

In addition, it points out that the evaluation that has been carried out is very limited.

– It only goes to the managerial level. Look also at those who have worked with infection tracking, testing capacity, and home-school collaboration. One should also be considered from below, not just from above, he says.

– Various incidents

This is not the first time that the opposition has requested an external investigation.

Rygg says they have been waiting for the city council to come back to this, but now they believe it is so urgent that they put forward a proposal for something to happen.

– The goal is not to hang anyone for mistakes. But it’s important to have this on the table so you can see if there is something to do next time, he says.

In the proposal to the city council, they request that the evaluation be completed by March 2022.

Oslo under evaluation process

– Of course, we will learn from what has been the biggest crisis in recent times and we will evaluate the management of the pandemic in Oslo in general, says City Councilor Raymond Johansen in an email.

It says that the city council is in march. The first part of a full and statutory evaluation started as early as April, and the first report has been submitted.

Johansen notes that they have informed the opposition weekly about the pandemic.

– I can assure you that the important information and knowledge that we have gained during the crisis will not be lost. It is also important that a comprehensive evaluation covers the entire crown endeavor and, as is well known, it is still ongoing even though the partnership has been reopened, says Johansen.

However, he is skeptical of a commission in line with that designated by the government. The city council points out that the municipality does not have the same apparatus at its disposal as the government, and that it is expensive.

– In the budget proposal for next year, we have invested NOK 4 million in an evaluation. The government’s crown commission has so far cost tens of millions. The infection, hospitalization, death, testing and vaccination figures in Oslo also support that coronary treatment in Oslo has generally worked well. The management has had great support in the population. The people of Oslo have taken the situation seriously, followed the advice and rules during the pandemic and took a great responsibility, he says.

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