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Tarjei Bø claims her healer saved her biathlon career

When the problems of the disease were about to ruin his biathlon career, Tarjei Bø (33) decided to find a healer, following the advice of the Petter Northug camp.

USE HEALER: In a new book, Tarjei Bø says that she uses a healer when she has problems with illness. This image is from this summer’s Holmenkollen ski show.

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The 33-year-old had health problems early in his biathlon career and when the disease triggered him again in the 2011/2012 season, doctors didn’t first find out what was wrong with Bø. It turned out that he had contracted the twar bacterial infection.

In the book “Brødrekraften” that Bø has written together with Johannes Thingnes Bø and journalist Lasse Lønnebotn, Tarjei Bø tells how the body failed even on quiet training trips.

– For the best athletes, twar can be serious. I knew some athletes had died from twisting, and if you train hard with twisting in your body, you could ruin your run. My first thought was that I had to take this seriously. This will not ruin my career, as it has for many others, Thingnes Bø says in the book.

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A boy in Trøndelag

In a recent attempt to recover, Tarjei Bø opted for advice from Petter Northug’s manager. He asked Bø to find “a guy in Trøndelag”, a supposed healer. It may have saved Bø’s career, Bø himself believes.

Tarjei Bø drove to Trøndelag and looked for this person and says he received help from the treatment there, although it was “incredibly painful”. Bø describes how the healer massaged points under his feet. Bø describes the treatment as follows:

– He squeezed some areas where he knew something could come loose, and a strange feeling came over me. His hands were warm, hot. It hurt and got even worse, and I saw that he hurt himself on the body. Then the pain became so great that I felt as if I had cut my toes and feet with a knife. It didn’t take me hard, but the energy was enormous. It felt like I was bleeding under my feet. Then I realized that he was sitting with his nails pierced on the armrest. Although he released his grip on his feet, the pain lasted for a long time. The. Spring. Then. Amazing. Hurt. He said he was draining my lymphatic system and I immediately gained confidence in what he was doing. At the time, he seemed like he was experienced, even though a physical therapist would never perform a similar treatment. I was there for two hours and was completely drenched in sweat when I left.

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– saved me

Bø describes the episode as “unreal”, and best of all: the nose was not blocked, the sore throat was gone.

– It was as if I had traveled back in time and had met someone from another era. He had never experienced anything like that. It was the first time I had been with Bjørn, a warm-handed man in Trøndelag. I had had twar for several months and nothing worked. He had been bedridden, taken antibiotics, had not trained for several months, and was only resting. But after a treatment with Bjørn in late fall 2012, the problems almost disappeared. I received several treatments from Bjørn over the next several weeks and months, and each time the ailments were relieved more and more. Without it, I would never have returned as a biathlete, writes Bø.

He returned several times to the healer who is only described in the book by the name Bjørn. And it improved markedly and the treatment became less painful over time.

– Someone said he was a charlatan, but he saved me. Not only then, but several times since then. If I have symptoms of a cold or flu, I go to Bjørn. And when I go, everything is gone. I have always believed in alternative treatment and that school medicine cannot fix everything. The body is more complicated than we think. Sometimes you have to make unconventional decisions. Bjørn has a lot of credit for my return as a biathlete. If you have not known it yourself, it is difficult to understand. But his warm hands work miracles. It feels like your entire body is being cleansed and waste products are draining away, he describes in the book.

Johannes Thingnes Bø has also visited the alternative therapist in Trøndelag after a season of amputations in 2012/2013. He has no regrets about making the trip.

In the book, Thingnes Bø suggests that the healer “cleansed the entire body from head to toe” in one hour.

He alternated between putting my hands on my legs, arms, and chest. It treated nerves, muscles, and joints, and I felt the heat extend to the root of my heart. I never felt my body that way. It was a cleanup, an explosion, it took the clutter out of the system. I have no idea how he did it, but afterwards I felt refreshed. I came with bones heavy as lead, and when I left, I was able to fly out the door. Everything was fine.

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